Do you think only a handful of street food items exist in Mumbai, e.g. Bhel-Puri, Vada-Pav, and Pav-Bhaji? They are undoubtedly the most popular ones, but the list does not end there. In fact, there are many delicious items that real Mumbaikars are fascinated with. Since they are not known to outsiders, a majority of people don’t get the privilege of tasting these wonderful items.

Here are six unique things that would make you crazy. You need to take the trouble of searching the right shop that serves. Seek help from hardcore Mumbaikars and they would love to introduce you to these exotic items.

· Bheja Fry:

Do you think it is the name of a famous Bollywood movie? It is a delicious street food as well. Predominantly available in the Muslim-majority areas of the Metro, you can find discrete outlets in suburbs also. A spicy dish made from of minced brain of goat fried with plenty of onions, garlic, tomatoes and exotic Indian spices attract food lovers. You have a choice of eating it with Roti or Pav. True lovers of Bheja Fry eat it just like that. Feel the smooth texture and blast of spiced flavor melting in the mouth. It is a real non-vegetarian delight.

· Brun Maska:

Brun Maska is trademark dish of these restaurants which is still popular. Nicely sliced Brun Pav with loads of butter is served with a cup of steaming hot Irani Tea. Dip the soft pieces of Pav in your tea and feel the ultimate combination of Pav, butter, and Tea enchanting your body, mind, and soul.

· Zhunka bhakar:

Leave aside the politics and controversies associated with this popular Maharashtrian dish; it is the real exotic food of Maharashtra. Nothing can beat the flavor of thick and crispy Chapatti made from Millet (Jwar) and Zunka. Zunka is shallow fried chickpea flour paste with chopped onions and a lot of oil on a Kadhai. It is a diet full of protein, carbohydrates, and fiber.

· Baida roti:

Predominantly popular in Muslims, it is preferred by non-vegetarian food lovers of other communities as well. However, you need to go to Muslim dominant areas to find the real taste and aroma of it. It is made from a spicy mix of minced mutton (or chicken) and whipped eggs wrapped in two squares of bread. The entire thing is shallow fried in a pan. Baida Roti is a food platter that not only feels you full, but it is equally nourishing too.

· Falooda:

It is a colorful glass of milk, almonds, rose syrup and vermicelli. Falooda is the best drink to beat the sweating summers of Mumbai. It is cool, refreshing and incredibly eye-catching.

· Dhokla:

It is a Gujarati meal that is quite popular in Mumbai due to a large population of Gujaratis. There are several versions of it made from chickpea flour, rice flour, or fermented batter of Urad and Chana dal.  Dhokla is served with platters of deep-fried Farsan usually.



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