You needn’t be in Istanbul to enjoy some of the finest and tastiest cuisines, the Turkish Cuisine. It has become so much popular that every popular tourist place has at least one restaurant that serves specialty Turkish dishes that are just unique in terms of taste, flavor and looks.  Here are five tasteful dishes that stand out Turkish cuisine in a distinct place.


When you want to munch something just for fun, there is nothing better than Borek. It is a kind of Turkish pie available far and wide across the country. There are hundreds of varieties of Borek to tickle the taste buds of food lovers. Right from very soft watery pastry like varieties to dry and thin cigarette like varieties, all are incredibly tasty and delightful. Whether you have it for breakfast or pack and carry for a picnic, Borek is just perfect for every occasion.


Don’t get surprised by the name. It isn’t the Turkish avatar of a popular Indian dish, but vice-a-versa. Indian Cuisine has adopted it from Turkey. A mouthwatering platter of meat balls can be eaten as snacks with tomato ketchup, or it can be added to a sandwich. There are thousands of restaurants in Turkey that serve yummy meatballs of hundreds of varieties.  It is the most widely found (and the most affordable) dish of Turkey.

Kahvaltı (Turkish Breakfast)

As they say “Breakfast like a king”, Turkish people follow it word by word. When you order a stupendous Turkish breakfast, make sure you have a superb apatite to consume it. However, you can order it without any hesitation if you have someone to share the load. It is not an exaggeration!  You will be served with a platter full of bread, butter, jam and honey. Two to three varieties of olive, salads, pastries, meats and so on make it a royal treat. Kahvalti is the most ordered thing in the morning. If you want the authentic taste of Turkey, then go to a small village. The taste is just unforgettable.


Though it needs a little bit of courage to eat Kokorec, those who taste it just love it. It is nothing but barbecued intestines of sheep.  Does it sound weird? However, it is one of the tastiest dishes of the Turkish cuisine. You need to instruct especially for moderate spices otherwise they make it quite hot and spicy by default. Believe it or not, those who keep the hesitation of eating sheep’s intestines vouch for its delicious taste.

İskender Kebab

If you spend some time in Turkey and don’t try Iskender Kebab, then the trip is incomplete. Yes, it is an expensive but unbelievably yummy stuff. A fresh and soft golden bread with a topping of beef and plentiful of butter and sauce make a superb dish known as “Iskender Kebab”.

There are some shops in Turkey that have been serving Iskender Kebabs from generations. With secret proprietary recipe and a signature taste, they offer complete satisfaction to foodies.