India is one of the largest markets for alcoholic beverages in the world. The turnover is huge and almost every leading brand can be found in the market. Other than the imported ones, a large number of indigenous brands offer top-quality drinks to consumers.

Beer is a popular alcoholic beverage in India because it is light, refreshing and fun to drink. There is a fair acceptability of it in the society as compared to hard alcoholic drinks. People consume it in social gatherings, parties, marriages and other functions. Chilled beer is considered good for the hot Indian summers.  Want to know which are the largest selling Beer brands in India? Though each brand has a distinct market segment, here are the top four brands that enjoy top positions in the chart based on various market surveys.  Let’s start with the fourth one first.


The brand has a glorious history of more than 150 years. The Brazilian-Belgian company is known for its fantastic quality and supreme taste. Those who love the magnificent aroma of rice and barley malt just can’t resist Budweiser. Indians are quite particular about quality and taste as far as the beer is concerned. They want full value for the money spent by them. It is the secret of the incredible growth of Budweiser in India.


Before Budweiser captured the market, Haywards was the top preferred beer in India. Haywards 5000 has been considered as a masculine drink because it is strong gives a great kick. Later Haywards 2000 was also brought to capture the market segment of smoother and lighter beer. Haywards Black is another popular member of the family.

Royal Challenge:

RC has a distinction of being a premium brand. However, it is one of the top-selling brands in India as well. The rich and smooth touch and extra strong aroma justify the name.  A party gets the real zing with RC Beer.  Since it is brewed for a longer time, it is sold with the tagline “Brewed Stronger, Brewed Better”.  Experts say that nearly 60 percent of Indian consumers prefer strong beer. No wonder, Haywards has the best quality beer to the consumers. It is a great-tasting beverage in competitive price.


In spite of hundreds of brands buzz around, a king is always a king. King Fisher is the undisputed leader of beers in the country, with its fantastic taste and unbeatable aroma. It is full of malt that gives it a special texture and feels. When people think of Beer in India, they think of King Fisher. United Breweries is the biggest producer of Beer in the country and the turnover shows an increasing trend year after year.  It has captured the market since 1978 not only in India but in other countries as well. In that sense, it is a truly global brand of Beer in India. Kingfisher Premium, Strong, Blue or Ultra, all variants are equally great.

Of course, there is a long list of beers that people may prefer over the above four and individual preferences always rule. Next time you are having a party with a few close friends, buy all the different brands of beers that are available in your local wine shop and have a beer tasting rocking the party!