Bengaluru or Bangalore is the jewel in the crown of Indian IT industry. However, it is the latest addition to the attributes of this ancient city. It is a place of great climate, wonderful people, unlimited energy and fun, and stupendous food platters. The city offers a phenomenal blend of the old and the new. Amongst a long list of tourist attractions, here are the top five that make your visit complete.

Lal Bagh, the botanical garden

If you are a nature lover, then perhaps there is nothing more exciting than Lal Bagh. It is said that the huge garden hosts the largest collection of tropical plants in India. The claim might be exaggerated, but there is no doubt about the beauty and diversity of Lal Bagh’s flora and fauna. There is a picturesque lake and small, but wonderful aquarium. As you enter the green world, it gives an ultimate peace and bliss in the hustles and bustles of the metropolitan city. The garden was conceived by Haider Ali, father of the great Tipu Sultan. There is a glass house that should not be missed in any case. Flower show at Lal Bagh attracts a huge crowd every year.

Bannerghatta National Park

If roars and growls of wild animals enthrall you, then don’t miss Bannerghatta National Park. Located at a convenient distance of 20 kilometers from the mainland Bangalore, it is a blissful place for nature lovers. Hire a safari tour to go into the dense forest where tourists can see a diverse variety of wild animals. Butterfly enclosure and Animal Rescue Center, and Snake Park are other wonderful attractions of the park. Go early in the morning that is the best time for spotting wildlife.

Wonderla Amusement Park

It is the best place for family entertainment. This park is one of the few selected parks that follow superlative quality and safety standards. It is open on weekdays and weekends, but it is better to go on a weekday to avoid the rush. On a weekend or holiday, there is a long queue for tickets and rides.  Laser shows, Virtual Reality shows, water rides and adventurous rides. Wonderla Amusement Park has become a preferred vacation spot with a high-degree of entertainment.

St Mark’s Cathedral

It is a calm and serene place where you feel incredibly good. Don’t miss the tranquil surroundings and beautifully maintained the charm of good old Bangalore when it was a small incredibly peaceful town. It is a great experience visiting this tranquil place. The cathedral is an example of architectural excellence with obvious references of London’s St Paul’s Cathedral. It is open for all irrespective of religious faith.

Bangalore Palace

It was built in the Nineteenth Century by the Wodeyar king Chamraja with an inspiration of the Windsor Palace. The palace is a humongous building with towers, arches, wooden carvings and lush green lawns. Interiors are incredibly good, and the exhibits give a glimpse of the glorious past of Wodeyar kingdom. Keep at least half a day to admire the splendor and glory of this historical building.