Many of us are self-declared wanderlusts and Fernweh and we openly state that we love to travel. Travelling is not limited to boarding flights and checking into Hotel Rooms and later on, attire-up to see the city attractions. Unless we don’t touch base with the local culture and original heritage of the place we are not much of travellers, we remain tourists. Travelling is one of the most unravelling and enlightening experiences. It enriches the mind of the person and enhances their personalities. It’s said Steve Jobs discovered himself when he visited Kasol and as History is our witness many people have gained liberation during their travels. In the age of commercialization, travelling doesn’t come cheap. Some places are even unnecessarily over-priced. We bring you 5 Cheapest and mind-blowing countries to travel to galvanize your experiences.

  1. Bulgaria is located in a Southern-Eastern part of Europe and shares borders with Greece, Turkey, Serbia, Romania, Macedonia and the Black Sea. Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria and the currency is Bulgarian lev which equals to 39 Indian National Rupees(INR). Sofia offers beautiful resorts and beaches with the backdrop of exquisite black sea and similar panoramic locales to Spain at a much wallet loving price. Your daily expenses would touch around 3000 Rs including bedding, food and some drinks. Other than that there are some beautiful attractions in the capital, good Italian food, great nightlife and lovely sunny beaches. Plane ticket prices are ballpark between 25K to 35K and as cheap as 23000 Rs if you strike a good deal. Bulgaria is on the verge of becoming a famous Honeymoon Destination.
  2. Indonesia Situated between Pacific and Indian Ocean, Indonesian beaches are a blend of both characteristics. The land to vast expanses of beautiful blue virgin waters is a popular tourist magnet because of its lovely talcum powder like beaches and cleanliness. For underwater and diving activities Merah beach, Batu Bolong and Tatawa islandsare amazing and are rampaged for water sport purposes. Capital City Jakarta is modern and urbane and has a great lifestyle and citylife. Another rage amongst tourist is Bali, a beautiful city with amazing villas, great food, hotels, bars and lovely locations. Food in Bali is amazing. Daily expenses can touch around 6000 Rs including bedding, food and drinks. Plane tickets cost between 25k to 30K.
  3. Cambodia Probably one of the cheapest countries in South East Asia. Cambodia is still in development stages but is one of the sweetest countries to visit in South-east Asia. You will be astounded with the development projects here as the builders who are credited with building Marina Bay sands in Singapore are planning on similar projects in Cambodia. The famous Angkor Wat Temples in Cambodia are so scenic and pleasing to the eye. You will be surprised to behold the Indianness and desi architectural touch in those temples. Cambodia also has amazingly cheap rooftop bars and great food. The best of bars in Cambodia are dirt and surprisingly great in standards. A day will cost you 3000 Rs lodging, food and drinks inclusive. Plane tickets are between 25K to 30K.
  4. Hungary This European Country is probably one of the cheapest Euro countries and will satiate your desire to visit the Euro League. Hungary is a mélange of tradition and modernization. You will see beautiful age-old cultured monuments, museums, lakes structures and places coupled with retro bars, adventure zones, nightlife and vineyards boasting of some terrific European Wines. Advance 5-6 month booking is recommended and once you get there make the most of those kosher European feels. Daily expense adds up to 2-3 K and flight tickets are worth 35000-45000 Rs.
  5. Bhutan How can we forget India’s beautiful neighbor that also considers Happiness Quotient of people in the country’s GDP growth and economy and also happens to be the most peaceful country. The people are nice and welcoming and the views are simply breathtaking beautiful. The capital city Thimphu is the most developed city with malls, clubs and attractive buildings whilst most of the Bhutan is country-side beautiful. The mountains and snow-covered hills are a tranquil therapeutic solution to are otherwise stressed-up lives. Bhutan is also amongst the most unpolluted countries having the cleanest and freshest of air. Daily expenses are between 1200-2000 Rs and travel to Bhutan is possible by flights and road trio as well. A road trip from Kolkata and Siliguri is cheaper than the flight fares.