The festive season is here, it’s right around the corner. Starting from Halloween which is right here, October 31st, followed by Christmas, and then the New Year. Before you get a chance to fix that wardrobe of yours, one party after another, a surprise Boss dinner, an evening pool party with your girl or if life is decent then a promotion party in your office again will bombard you with little time to get that look. Don’t worry we have your back. Here’s a list of how can you dress up and look stupendous in your surprise office party:

  • The perfect jeans: Rugged Jeans are in fashion and they will fit all the girls in your favour. Relax it’s not magic jeans, just simple rugged jeans or activity jeans shaded in deep blue or faded black can get you all settled for any surprise party of the week. Pair it with a loose T-shirt or if it is a formal boss party then team it with a white shirt. Out tip, with this white shirt pop in a grey blazer.

  • Select the Scent: A guy who leaves behind a trail of fascinating scent is the man of the party. It does the job for girls, something to gossip about or someone to get curious for. A sensuous scent with mild essence to it makes everyone guess about you. Do not try anything strong as it is cliche. Try any Calvin Klein’s scent or a Davidoff. Our recommendation, a Gucci is a wonder.

  • Shoes: Get the right shoes. A man shoe determines a man’s earnings it is said. Well, the one who said it is darn right. Pick up something casual yet classy like boots, not too long, not too short. Just right to fulfil the party formality as buying them will be an expensive affair. Pick something that acts like casual and looks impressive enough for your office party.

  • Select your Cologne: Lot of people confuse a cologne with a perfume. We have a news for you, a cologne is something for a night or a midnight party while perfume is your everyday friend. The right cologne creates a strong impression on people and makes you look more particular in your style which is the idea to give. The best cologne’s in market are branded by Lacoste, Diesel, and Dolce and Gabbana. Our pick, go for a Dolce, it’s got the best reviews.

  • Sleek and Shine Hair with a Gel: Of course, why not, a Gel is a man’s best friend for a party. Sculpt your desired look with a gel and caste that Greek god impression. A subtle and classy hairstyle makes you look like a killer. Refrain from using that regular gel you bought online. Pick your choice from options we give you, i.e. Kevin.Murphy, Pomade and Crew.                                                                                                      

Nowcast that spells and make us proud!!!!