While it is perfectly normal for a guy to sweat after a workout or any intense fitness regime at times it happens that your sweat glands become active during a romantic dinner or an office presentation. However hard you may try it becomes extremely embarrassing to hide those intense sweat stains on your clothes. To let something from that happening again here we are giving you some quick and easy tips.

  • Using antiperspirant in the afternoon­– Mostly we apply the deodorant first thing in the morning and then forget about it for the rest of the day. However, the truth is that sweat release in the morning is very minimal and even if you apply it before taking a shower the effect still remains. The afternoon is the time when the effects start wearing off and it’s better to do a reapplication. Instead of applying it only on your underarms make sure to put some on hands, feet, face, back and chest also.
  • Avoiding spicy foods– Foods extra rich in spices may be good for your taste buds but not for your sweat glands. Apart from that even consuming extra coffee can be harmful. Caffeine and spices stimulate neurotransmitters which stimulate your sweat glands hence keeping your diet simple is the key. If you are on the high weight side shedding some of those extra kilos will also help in getting rid of this problem.
  • Opt for extra strength deodorants– If the problem still persists pick up a deodorant with extra strength. Since these products have higher concentrations of active ingredients they are much effective at handling the perspiration problem. Buying them is not tough. Most drugstores provide you with the best ones and you do not even need a prescription for the same.
  • Pick the right clothing– At times the kind of clothing we wear also makes our body release extra sweat. Cotton wear and clothing made of athletic material are good bets when it comes to picking the right stuff. Always wear a cotton undershirt which can absorb the excess sweat your body is producing. Also wearing light colored clothes will show clearly that you have been sweating so try to avoid them.
  • Prescription level help– Sometimes we are facing a tense situation at the workplace and that is when our sweat glands become active. If you are also among one of those people then maybe it’s time for you to seek some help. A doctor can prescribe you some oral medications which can reduce the problem considerably. Apart from that practicing meditation and keeping yourself relaxed also works in calming down the sweat glands. Drinking herbal teas like lemon, peppermint, and fennel before sleeping calms your senses and makes you relaxed.

These are just some of the tips which would help in tackling your sweat problem. Apart from these staying clean and hygienic is a must for you to look good the whole day. Adding essential bath oils like lavender rose and orange in your bath water would keep you feeling fresh. However, if the problem still does not go away do not hesitate in taking professional help.