A first date is the first impression that will make your partner remember you from always. Considering that you are walking on a steep slope, there are several integral pointers that you should remember or probably just grasp if you want to be unforgettable (in a sensuous way). Read on our 10 curated points that won’t let you “be you” entirely. 😉

  • Just don’t be late: Without a doubt, don’t be late, punctuality is important. The wait will not make you important, copy that.
  • Don’t Exhibit poor listening skills: Trust us, we do not want to make you a faulty person. Be a good listener and lend your ear to whatever she has to say as this will help you decide whether to continue the date game further or not.
  • Try not to be sloppy: Showing that you do not care can make you look like a negligent person giving a straight impression of relationship sucker. Wear something attractive, common it’s a date. Don’t go too formal for the date but also not way too casual.             
  • Never talk about your life story: Keep the conversation light and fun. What happened in the 10th grade on an unfortunate day, no one wants to know, at least not at the first date.
  • Don’t talk about sex: If you start talking about what you like in bed will give her an impression that probably you are on the date only for sex.  Rules in bed are good but wait for that special dinner and show her what you like instead of talking about it. Actions speak louder than words.
  • Try not to show that you are too sophisticated for manners: The special someone should feel like a special someone which can only be done when you follow some etiquettes.
  • Don’t be argumentative: First date can bring lot of common topics to discussion owing to the hesitation. In the case avoid talking about feminism and any women related problems as this can lead to an argument.
  • Don’t push for intimacy: It’s good to show that you care or you have a manner to represent that you like the person but this is probably scare her off. Your action of intimacy can make her feel that you are a pervert and we both know that you don’t want that.
  • Don’t bring you BFF along: It’s your date and you would not want to share your vanilla ice cream with the other. BFF’s are good but this will clearly give a sign that you are not a confident person which is why you brought company. Even if your BFFs insists, ask him to settle for a game on your date night.
  • Never talk about your mother: Like it or not no girl wants to listen to your mother. What dish she makes the best or what colour she likes, trust us, your girl will only hear to this and not listen further indicating that you are a mama’s boy.