Fashion is something that keeps on changing and yeah beards are the now definition of Hot among youth nowadays. They look super sexy and that is something that only the guys with clean cheeks will not agree upon. What girls think of a man with beards is something that will shock you.

  1. Separates Man from Boys: Beards make a guy look like a man and yeah girls like man not just some shiny cheek schoolboy. Average looking man look hot in beards and Hot looking ones just look hotter.
  2. Bearded Guys are caring: Yeah this may be shocking but girls believe guys with beards are much more caring then the guys clean shaved and the reason that most girls give is something guys with beards will agree upon and its quoted as “ It’s not easy to take care of those facial hairs, and to properly maintain those perfect beards one needs to give time and care for it”, they believe if a guy can take care of his looks then he will take care of her better.
  3. Kissing is on a new level: If you think kissing here is a lip lock then “You know nothing John Snow”, it’s about kissing down there. She does not want to be your f**kdoll but a partner who enjoys every bit of your body and she knows what it’s like to be kissed down there with all those hairs working in their favour.