Do you have a girlfriend? Are you looking to get a girlfriend? If you are reading this, then you probably are in need for some serious advice on how to get a girlfriend.

As you read the article, you would realize that getting a girlfriend is not as tough as you thought it to be. It is a scientific and methodical process that needs to be followed line by line.

Remember, the girl you are chasing is being chased (figuratively speaking – Not to be confused for Stalking or any other threatening means)  by other guys as well. Hence, it is quite important to do your thing at the right time. You should not be wishy washy but pretty confident about hitting the Bull’s Eye. Here are 9 proven ways that will work without fail:

Do not come across as being desperate:

Dating experts are pretty clear about it. When you stop trying for a girlfriend, then the things start moving automatically in your favor. Do not look into every interaction with every girl with some expectation. Don’t try to act over smart or do some awkward things to impress them. Girls know when you are desperate and trying hard to impress them.

Don’t ogle and lustfully stare at her in any way that will make her uncomfortable. Girls sense these things very easily and will instantly reject your. Show her some respect man.  Under no circumstances should you stalk her physically or online unless you want to spend some time behind bars.

Move ahead with great confidence. Stand out amongst the crowd and you will automatically impress her. Remember, girls do not like a guy who hangs around her with some expectations. They feel that you don’t have self-esteem. Show your carefree attitude instead.

Do something that grabs her attention

Happy Couple Enjoying the Party

Let her notice you. Let her realize that you are smart, funky and mod. Wear attires she loves the most and don’t be afraid to experiment new things. Stylish jackets, perfectly stitched clothes and good fragrance attract their attention.  Present yourself well and you can expect surprises. Check out the Guysworld Grooming Section for tips on how to look smart and presentable.

Ignore her to get her

There is another way to get her attention and get her to come to you. Take a break all of a sudden. Stop texting her, don’t receive her calls, do not interact on social media. Let her think about you for a day or two. You would be amazed to see the result. Ignore her for a while and she will come to you. All this is considering that she knows you and you two are close. If she doesn’t know that you exist, then this point is not for you so move on.

Stop giving her your shoulder to cry on:

If you are the person she comes to crying for every small thing then you are definitely friendzoned or worse still, Brozoned, Ouch! If she is attracted to someone, she will not go and burden them with her problems. That is what friends are for. As much as you feel special and up in cloud 9 for being chosen to hear and comfort her, just remember that you have been Friend/Boyzoned, dude!

Don’t hesitate to compliment her

Yes, girls love to get compliments. You should notice every small thing. Yes, there is no excuse for missing something important but there is no excuse for missing a trivial thing either. Her hairstyle, cute little dimples or her new jacket, new nail polish, new handbag, new shoes, her eyes, everything demands a compliment. Just make sure you don’t fall in the friends trap.

Be confident, look confident, and feel confident

You should always look confident when you approach her. It has to show in your body language. Look relaxed and positive. Energy should ooze out from your personality. When you talk to her, keep smiling and hold eye contact always. Lean a little backward, so that you appear stronger and bigger. Learn some jokes (If you are inept in making your own) and make her laugh.

Read up on some intelligent stuff (current news, Latest music, movies, etc) and use them in your conversation to appear smart. Just make sure you do not sound dumb nor should you sound super smart. Try to stay somewhere in middle as girls are never attracted to both the extremes. Be on her wavelength. Check out the Guysworld Grooming Section for tips on how to look smart and presentable.

Tease her but make sure you don’t offend her

Tease her casually about small things that will not offend her. Keep this as a running joke only between you both. Girls like to be teased and enjoy replying back to boys and putting her point across. Tease her and make her laugh as this will make her enjoy your company. This teasing will keep her occupied with you more than others around. However, there is a thin line between teasing and insulting or harassing. If you are not sure how to do it then just avoid it completely.

Become friends with her friends:

Becoming friends with her friends will bring you closer to her and possibly give you more opportunities to impress her and if you are lucky, her friends just might help you with this. Be nice & friendly to her friends and show them your good side (you better have one)and get them to warm up to you. If her friends like you then probably even she does. This lays the foundation for a possible relationship in the future. Be genuine. Don’t take her friends for a fool and try to be over smart.

Just ask her out:

If somewhere you feel that she likes you (or you are told by sure by either her friends or your friends), just go up to her and confidently ask her out for a coffee at the nearest Café Coffee Day or even a plate of Paanipuri or Golgappas at the nearest street vendor. Girls like guys who are confident and have a plan.

Of course, as mentioned above, all this will work only if the girl knows that you exist. If you are someone hiding behind a tree looking at her while she passes by, you are better off remaining single till your parents get you married to their family friends daughter who you hate so much.

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