Marriage, especially in India, is a big decision that has a huge impact on the lives of all the people involved. A girl is frequently told that one day she has to get married however what no one tells her is that there are a lot of changes she will have to get accustomed & adjusted to. Girls who are frequently affected by the Bollywood culture imagine their future lives also being like that. The truth, however, reveals in a few months of marriage itself. So what makes these girls feel alienated is what we are going to tell you today.

One day she has to get married
  • Change in family behavior– While previously she was considered as the darling of the family the behavior of family members towards her changes. Initially involved in almost all decisions of the family she is now treated as a stranger. Though she does expect her parents to confide in her all that is happening in their life the same does not happen. She may be discouraged to speak ill of her husband by her family and will be told to stay put and not complain. This leads her to feel isolated and unwanted in the family.
  • More responsibilities– The initial few days or weeks may be the honeymoon period but then she may find her responsibilities and work in the household growing manifold as her inlaws may expect more from her. Sometimes it so happens that her style of working may not be acceptable to the other family members in the family which they subsequently start showing. This discontentment makes her feel sidelined and alienated.
  • Fulfilling expectations– As a spouse now there are certain expectations her husband has from her. If she is able to fulfill them then that means it is the start of an interesting relationship. However, hell breaks loose when his expectations are completely different from what the girl is used to or expects. The differences in opinion quickly start becoming evident and at times this leads to arguments which can make her feel sad.
  • No one to answer questions– There are a lot of doubts that arise in a woman’s mind when she gets married. However, there is no one to whom she can turn to find the answers to them. At times even her best friends are not able to give her the kind of response she expects them to. Even her parents appear so contended now that their daughter is married that she does not want to bother them. However, the effect of such doubt pile up starts showing and she slowly starts finding the answers within herself.
  • Lack of independence– Previously the girl could do as she pleased and there was no one to stop her. However, after marriage, her decisions are governed by her husbands and in-laws Even for a simple decision like whether she can go to her friend’s party, she has to look up to the concerned people for approval.

Marriage is a union of two souls but these days the definition has changed completely. In order to make it work a woman is expected to compromise on a lot of things. It is ok if the adjustment happens on both sides. However, if only she is forced to change herself then this leads to a general feeling of being alienated and left alone. This problem can be short term if all in-laws welcome the wives of their sons as daughters and not daughter in laws.