Being a woman is not easy and we are sure you Guys must have also realized that by now. Not only are the hormones and period pains killing for us the continuous need to look good makes our life a big fight. In spite of all these troubles women still, manage and come out of such troubles smiling and ready to go. There are some issues that bother almost all the women and hence they understand when some other female also gets affected by the same. Let us find out what are those.

Being a woman is not easy!

1) Hair issues– Just when you would think that you are all set to go out the tragedy strikes. Yes, your hair would refuse to settle down in the position you want them to be in. Not only that any kind of experiments would ensure that the problem rather than getting solved actually aggravates.

2) Hormone issues­­– The PMS and the hormonal swings make each woman go crazy. Not only do they act irritated the continuous stress makes those 5- 10 days of the month absolutely horrible. The worst is that the men in your life are never going to understand the pain you are going through.

3) Struggle to look good– There is a regular fight to look good despite the everyday struggles to make things work. Apart from that matching your costumes with the right accessories and making the style distinct is another task in itself.

4) The signs of tight clothing– The regular wearing of tight clothes tend to leave its signs on the body. Getting those rashes and bristles to heal becomes almost impossible as you just can go around without wearing a bra. Even in worst weather conditions the amount of pain women have to inflict to look good is something worth applauding them for.

5) Finding the best fit– It is easy to decide what kind of clothing you wish to buy .The tough part, however, is finding out the size that you want in the design you like. Plus if you have budget constraints you also have to take that into consideration. The worst to this is finding the perfect stuff and realizing that there is a small cut because of which you cannot buy it.

6) Handling men and love matters– There is no denying that among men and women the latter are much more emotional. Their demands are more and they do not get satisfied so easily too. Add to it the dilemma of watching your partner with someone you do not like and you would understand how tough it is.

7) Weight matters– Whatever your lover may say at the end of it weight definitely matters. It is hard to keep the calories under control especially if you have a sweet tooth. In spite of that, the kilos do keep piling up and it is tough to keep shedding them off.

8) Removing our Bra at the end of the day – Only eating chocolate beats the feeling of removing our bra at the end of a long and tired day. Our girls need to relax and hang out for a couple of hour’s atleast to relieve them of stress. We feel free & liberated and relaxed without any more tightness around our chest. Aaah… What a feeling!

These are just some of the most common issues that plague almost all women. Only a woman is able to understand the struggles of handling them and men need to appreciate all that a woman has to endure. It is only then that the relationship emerges beautiful and much stronger.