The cat is out of the bag and it ain’t a pretty sight boys! We are all guilty of doing these things but we would rather die than accept it. The truth is we are bound by social stereotypes to act in a certain manner. We go about our lives thinking “oh it’s probably just me who does it!”
Guy’s World snooped around in our best detective shoes,did some research and boys brace yourselves for the 8 things that all men do but won’t ever, we repeat EVER admit to!

  1. We cry: – We all do! But we don’t have the balls to accept it, nah! We men are brought up being taught “only girls cry” and we abide by that all our lives. We won’t shed tears in public. But we let lose when we are probably in the shower or travelling alone and we reminisce. Remember the times we have had to tell our girls “something went into my eyes” while watching The Fault in our Stars.
  2. We love hanging out around girls: – Men might go all macho on the whole ‘bros before hoes’ But the truth is Men simply love being around their women. It could be their girlfriends or girls who they are friends with or merely office colleagues. Men love the fact that women are such great listeners plus we get some great dating tips from the chicks.
  3. We size up other men: –We love checking out women and many a man has his roving eyes. But what most won’t admit is that we do size up other men. Oh yes! When it comes to sizing each other out, Men are equally guilty of giving other men the once over on their attire, their physique, their looks. We try to judge if that guy who walked by is above or below our grade. We sometimes see a super handsome guy and get envious.
  4. We Watch porn: – No matter how vehemently we deny this, the truth is we watch porn not just to shag, but it also helps us relax. There is some weird psychology at play boys, but research suggests that men are more particular about searching for the right porn than they are about watching it till the end. So the statistics go we spend majority of the time scouting more than *wink wink*
  5. We gossip like bitches: – If you thought gossip was for women! Then you are totally not aware of the skills men possess. We can be brutal when it comes to discussing people in our lives; laughing out at weird things that friends do, or bantering about the situations and events in our lives.
  6. Dig our nose: – When we are in our dens we are the masters of our will and we do whatever we please. And prime amongst those is the good old excavation of the crevices of our nostrils. We all are guilty of this and some specimens don’t mind doing it even in the local trains. But the yuckiest part is admiring our findings!
  7. We love to roam around naked: – Oh yes! Men will give anything, and we mean anything to have those alone times. They do the weirdest shit when they are alone at their homes. From taking a dump with the bathroom door open to having imaginary conversations with themselves trying to outsmart those who have been giving them pain to flexing their naked bodies in front of mirrors we are as bad we get!
  8. We love sniffing: – And when we say sniffing we don’t mean just anything. We love to sniff our armpits and we love to cup our balls and then smell our hands and we love to play with our junk. Yeah this might gross the women out but there is psychology behind that too – cupping our balls is oddly comforting and tends to relax us. Well, we are one weird species. Aren’t we!


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