You may not believe in love at first sight but you should consider the possibilities of being judged at first sight. Here are a few things a girl notices when she sees you for the first time.

  1. Your shoes: believe it or not, a girl always watches your shoes first before she sees your other features. If your shoes are clean, then bingo, you are in. however, if your shoes are a tad bit dirty, it will only make you appear careless and sloppy.                      
  2. Your shoulders: a guy with broad shoulders represents masculinity. A girl will want to feel protected and pampered. Seeing the broad shoulders will definitely shoot her estrogens level. So it might be time to hit the gym.                                                       
  3. Your height: it is true that short guys are considered cute, but a tall guy will always overcome the chance of getting that hot girl. Your height also represents your masculinity. Make sure you have the correct apparel to complement your height, or else it is just a waste of such good talent.                                                                         
  4. Your butt: girls are not the only ones to get their asses checked out all the time. Women also check out the squishy doubles just to comfort their eyes. So make sure you do not wear baggy jeans or baggy pants when you decide to meet her. Flaunt your curves just right and she is bound to get hooked. Maybe it is time for you to hit the yoga class.                                                                                                                         
  5. Your fingernails: it might sound weird, but girls tend to be very picky about men’s nails. Large fingernail on a man only represents sloppy nature. Not to mention the filthiness. So, next time you meet her, or even your mother, make sure you have trimmed it all off, and yes, even your toenails. We all know how smelly they can get.
  6. Beard or Moustache? Some girls like it clean shaved and some like hairy dudes. It is always a tough decision. However, a completely clean shaved guy does not look very appealing compared to a bearded guy with the thick moustache (nevertheless, that is my opinion).                                                                                                              
  7. The print of your clothes: sometimes, a woman likes flowery or solid print. It depends on her mood for what she wants to wear. Hence, if a guy wears flowery print, he will definitely be considered feminine. However, if you can pull it off without jeopardizing your masculinity, kudos to you! Solid prints are considered the best. Floral prints are usually suitable for beaches (unless you’re meeting her at the beach).                            
  8. Your smile: how genuine are you? It all comes clear with that smile. When you smile widely without anything backing your lips, she will know that you are good at heart.         
  9. Heels in your shoes: are you trying to fake your height? This must mean you are a liar. No matter how much make up a woman puts on, she will always judge you for wearing a heel.                                                                                                          
  10. Eye contact: are you comfortable enough to look me in the eye and say what you want? She will definitely look into your eyes and try to figure out your conscience. Try to look cool instead of being nervous.                                                                               

So, make sure you are confident because, at the end of the day, it is the coolness that a chick digs the most.