Most men in relationships complain that they never get to win an argument against their spouses or GF’s or partners. Why is that so? Is it because men are less communicative or maybe women have just mastered the art of winning an argument. If you are also among those who feel that they are not being able to put their point across here are some tips to gain a winning edge.

  • Never ask her to relax– Often men in between the argument flare the temper of their partner by asking her to relax. Nothing irks her more than that. So instead just stay calm and try and put some sense in her. When she has had her say then maybe you can intervene and put your last thought and finish the argument off.
  • Don’t use the “you” word– Instead of using lines like “You do not listen” or any line starting with the word “you” try opting for something which puts your point across. This means that you can say “I do not feel comfortable with your friends” instead of “Your friends make me feel uncomfortable”. Using “you” sounds accusatory and most women go red when they are confronted with such lines.
  • Never drag friends into it– The most despicable thing that you can do at this moment of thefight is involving your friend’s opinion into the matter. Your friends may have any kind of opinion about her but saying that in the midst of the argument will have severe repercussions. Not only will she feel hurt on hearing the truth most likely the argument will get extended into other domains hence reducing your chances of winning it.
  • Don’t go threatening­– Your fight could be over anything but giving her threats is going to only complicate matters. Apart from that saying things like “You stop talking to your ex or …” will only show the lack of trust from your side. No girlfriend wants a partner who is so distrusting and this fact would work in her favor. Not only would she win this argument fair and square but you would be established as a weak person with no strong opinion of your own.
  • Throw in some lies-Sometimes or in fact many times the fight would start on something that you said or did which has come to your notice. Instead of arguing about why you are correct in saying so try reverse psychology. Tell her a lie that you never meant that thing to be interpreted this way and what you meant was entirely different. This would probably take her aback and while she recovers you can say things to tone her anger down.

Though we all know that arguments of any kind are detrimental for a relationship they do happen. However instead of just bowing down to what your female partner is saying try and find ways to make her understand the futility of that argument. Once you learn that art it won’t be long before she stops arguing with you as she knows she is not going to win.

All the best… Do let us know if this worked.