Thomas C. Corley, who is an author of bestsellers such as, “Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals,” and “Rich Kids: How To Raise Our Kids To Be Happy And Successful In Life”,  and a dynamic & empowering speaker, spent as many as five years studying the lives of both rich and poor people. Based on his extensive research, he was able to draw some clear conclusions about what helps people get rich and successful or makes them stay poor.

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We at Guys World thought this is something worth sharing with you success hungry folks, so here we go.

#1 Gambling

Getting rich quick is NOT a thing, period. Success and getting rich is all about hard work, and the fact that there are shortcuts is actually only a delusion.

Sure, you do see one in a few million people somehow getting exceptionally lucky and making big bucks without the skills or hard work, but is that reliable enough? In fact, trying to chase such shortcuts is actually a contributing factor to many people staying poor.

Based on Corley’s research, 52% poor people are believed to gamble at least once a week, while 77% try their luck with the lottery every week. On the other hand, as many as 84% and 94% rich people did not gamble or play the lottery, respectively.

So if you care to listen to these statistics and your well wishers at Guys World, stay away from gambling, betting, playing the lottery or other shortcuts of any kind.

#2 Unhealthy Eating

So you never thought poor eating too can be a reason you’re poor?  Experts often associate poor eating habits with not doing well financially. Besides leading to a detrimental luck, poor eating habits probably keep you from having the “rich” mindset that you need to get rich and successful. And let’s face it. If you can’t value your health, can you value your financial stability? Apparently, about 97% people that were found to not do great financially eat quite a bit of junk food each day. Need we say more?

#3 Drinking Alcohol

This is a pretty well-known one. About half of the poor people have a habit of drinking alcohol, and it’s often associated with their poverty. The thing is, alcohol directly affects your ability to think clearly, as well as your memory. Furthermore, it also gets in the way of your healthy eating and healthy living, as we discussed above. So don’t let yourself give in to the temptation the next time you see a glass of wine.

#4 Bad Company

Stay away from toxic, negative people if you want to be successful. We cannot emphasize enough on this, as it’s often found to be a crucial factor for success. Based on what Corley found, 86% rich people stay in the company of success-minded people and limit their exposure to negative and toxic people.

Poor people, on the other hand, fail to understand this, as 96% of them were found to embrace the company of bad and toxic people. So if you want to be successful, be careful about who you surround yourself with.