Just as male and female physiologies are poles apart, so are their thought processes. What women expect from a relationship is quite different and their needs and desires a lot more than men. Men have got innumerable fantasies that involve Sex, Money & Power and are very different to what women have in mind. So right from this to other reasons, a man provides lot of ‘material’ to his woman to think about her relationship with him. Evidently, we got enough ground to probe into this subject and find out which 9 thoughts go through a woman’s mind about her relationship!

Time: Yes that is the first thought a woman always aspires in her relationship. Well before entering into a relationship or marriage, she wonders if her prospective partner will share time with her. Men must understand that while it is true that she will always welcome all the roses and chocolates and gifts but what she values the most is the ‘time’ her partner gives her and dedicates her. In this age of working couples, this matters the most. She just wants your time, that’s it.

Respect: You or any other male may not always agree to your partner’s opinions & views but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve respect. She is quite finicky about her self-respect and expects others to respect her. That may not mean treating her your princess all the time. Women want to be respected and will keep it in mind if someone disrespects her. The woman you are in a relationship with will expect the same.

Romance: One thing that brings a woman close to a man is love and affection. your woman cannot stop dreaming of romance – be it a candle lit dinner, a cuddly winter night, a stroll down the beach or just a book to read together under the blanket! Women love a good romance and expect one in a relationship.

Deserts: Women love to eat though she may go through various dieting phases but still nibble on all the things she has been trying to avoid. You can be romantic and bake her a cake or get ice cream for later.

Sex: Women may not think of sex to the degree, number of times or to the extent men think but it is certainly somewhere at the back of their mind. Women associate sex with love, care, emotions and all the planets sometimes have to align in a straight line for her to think of sex.

Humor and Modesty: Men with a healthy sense of humor enchant women and so no woman can perceive her man being boring or arrogant. Humor and modesty is something in her thoughts always whenever she thinks about her relationship.She loves a man who makes her laugh and not make her cry.

Does he love me: This is perhaps a thought she has on her mind always. Does he love me? Does he think I am beautiful? Does he want me? Does he want to be with me? Will he marry me? She loves you so much that she is scared to lose you.

Is he the one: Yes, Every woman has had this thought atleast once in their life. Is he the person for her? Will she be happy with him? Woman always have their future planned way in advance. Men usually take things as they come but women want to plan in advance. She even plans her wedding way in advance and will often look at you and think if you are the one she wants to spend the rest of your life with. So man up and reassure her that you are her future.

Shopping: Do you need this to be explained to you? If you do not understand this one then you dont deserve to be in a relationship. Move over and make way for somone who understands.