What is an essential thing about your looks? Well, you need to keep experimenting always. At the same time, you must not forget the fundamentals. Celebrities are always in the process of evolving.

They want to remain in the limelight and changing hairstyle is amongst the most effective tricks. How do celebrities always achieve the style that suits them the most? Well, it is by design and not by chance.

Here are 7 best hairstyles you would should definetely follow.

Have you got the perfect density and structure? If yes, then it is easy to follow a celebrity hairstyle without any trouble. Hope you would add charm to the appearance in 2017 by following these cute and classy styles.

Robert Pattinson

Cool and stylish, the hairstyle or Robert Pattinson wins your heart. His hair does look voluminous, fluffy perfectly layered. He gets his hair blow dried and uses hair gel to get that amazing 5 star tresses. To The perfect use of gel to achieve volume and style gives incredible gloss as well. Undoubtedly, it is an effortful style, but the impact is mind-boggling indeed!

Eric Dane

Do you have curly hair? Do you feel that nothing would look good because of the texture of the hair? If yes, then you are mistaken. Look at the incredible hairstyle by Eric. Uniform cut all over the head, right use of pomade to separate out the curls, and the little bit of taper on the sides and the back. Superb, eh?

David Beckham

Bend it like Beckham if you have good hairs.  Yes, the style is super-duper hit if you do it well. Keep the crown hair long and trim everything else well. Even if you have it very short, then also fine. Remember, you shouldn’t use a comb for this hairstyle. Use your fingers. Keep is as natural as possible.

Varun Dhawan

This young star has become Youth Icon pretty quickly. Though there is nothing fancy in his hairstyle, still youngsters go mad for it. Keep the side hair short and crown hair long (not very long).  The ideal length is three to four inches.  Style it using any normal hair product.

Ranveer Singh

HE is another style icon of the contemporary times. His cool, informal yet stylish hairstyle is a big craze in India. For this, you need very short hair on the sides and back. The front of the crown is long (about four inches), and the back is short (about two inches), which is the specialty of this hairstyle. Use the fingers or hair product to style; it is your choice.

Virat Kohli

There is nothing special in this hairstyle actually, it is simple crew cut. However, it is a sensational style today. Two inches hair on the crown and very short, trim hair on the back and sides make it a cool style.

Justin Timberlake

Go for this traditional style haircut with slicked back undercut.  First of all, you need to grow the hair up to sufficient length so that you can comb them back easily. For this, keep them pretty long (five to six inches on the crown) and one to two inches on the back and sides.