Size matters, let’s face it, however, that’s not everything! Maybe your opponent is bigger than you in terms of size, but you being the smarter and the faster one easily knock down someone who is double the size of yours. It is all about making the right move and outsmarting your opponent. Remember, at times brute strength can be overpowered by the brain.

When it comes down to a physical fight with someone who is much stronger than you, it can be challenging; however, using the following techniques, you will be able to stand strong and emerge victoriously. In the following section, a few tips will be presented which would help you fight a stronger opposition

Taking on a Bigger Opponent

Here are a few tips which you might handy when it comes to talking on an opposition who is stronger and bigger than you

· Avoid Confrontation: This is the smartest thing to do in case of a stronger adversary. Try and avoid going into any kind of physical confrontation with him. Let’s face it, because of his size, he is at an advantage. You better look for other means to settle scores. Avoiding physical confrontation would help you playing the mind game and taking him on in a different way

· Be Confident: If you come across a situation where a fight is inevitable, in such scenarios, you must feel confident about yourself. Don’t let your opponent realize that you are scared of him and are thinking about retreating. Once you allow him to win the mind game, the battle half lost. You must face him with confidence and let him know that he cannot get away just because he is bigger and stronger

· Be the Aggressor: You need to assess the situation. You must figure out whether a fight is absolutely inevitable. If that’s what you think, then be the first one to hit. If you let your opposition, to hit you first, then you might not get an opportunity to hit back.

· Surprise him: You must surprise him with your moves. Pretend to be unprepared and scared. This is the time when your opponent is the most vulnerable. He is complaisant and over confident. This is time to throw your punches. Make sure you hit him hard with everything you have. Let this be the decisive blow

· Select the Areas: Being the weaker and shorter one, you need to target those areas which are within your reach. The abdominal region would be the perfect spot.

Basically, there are many ways by which you can bring down a stronger opposition. It is more in your mind. If you feel confident of yourself and you have the courage to take him on, then the battle is half won.

If you are trained in martial arts or any other form of combat, that would be an added advantage. Remember, at times, you must also know how to avoid a physical confrontation. That is what you call being smart! Don’t run away, that might seem to be cowardice; instead try to handle the situation diplomatically