Your experienced friends may say that it is easy to ask a girl out for a date. Well, that’s the way it may appear to be. But when the moment comes, guys tend to hesitate & panic and make a mess of it. But should it be so difficult?  What should a guy do to get a date? This very thought leads to such confusion and dilemma?

It is the fear of being refused and the awkwardness of asking. That can be a bit embarrassing. Well, you will have to take the chance! You never know, it might just pay off. When it comes to asking for a date, there are certain things which you need to take care of. In the following section, you will be offered few tips which would help you in your future endeavor.

Here are a few tips which you might find handy

· How interested is she: This is the most important part of it. You would not want to ask someone for a date who you know, is likely to refuse. Therefore, before you make the first move, you need to gauge her level of interest. Ask yourself about the chances. If you feel that you might get a positive response, go for it

· How to know if she is interested: There are quite a few signs which you need to look out for. Is she playing with her hairs when you are around? Is she making frequent eye contacts with you? Does she seem to like your company? Does she laugh at all your jokes? If the answer is yes, then your proposal is most likely to be accepted. These are some of the signs which women exhibit when they are interested in any men

· Body Contact: Does she touch you quite often? If she does, then it is a sign that she is looking for intimacy.
Ask Her Out For A Date

Now that you know that she is interested in you, it is time to make the move. Here are a few tips

· Be Confident: Women like those men who have confidence. No matter how sure you are about yourself, you are bound to feel nervous. Don’t let her know about it. Act normal and be yourself

· Eye Contact: Don’t ask her for a date over the telephone. The chances of acceptance are higher when you are face to face. Maintain an eye contact with her while asking for a date. Shying away is a sign of nervousness which women don’t like.

· Don’t jump into it: Don’t start the conversation with a proposal. You must gradually get into it. Start conversing normally and then when she gets engaged, drop it! It would come as a surprise (unless she has been anticipating it). Women love to be surprised!

· Keep it simple: Try and keep it as simple as possible. Don’t try and sound poetic of filmy. Chances are that you might mess it up if you try to be oversmart.

· Make it sound social:  Tell her about this new restaurant you have been wanting to try and then ask her if she wants to come along for lunch / Dinner / Coffee. You can do the same with a new movie release.

. Offer to help: Offer to help her with her work / studies or any activity she is involved with. This will give you enough time to spend with her and for her to get to know you.

Whatever you do, take it slowly and don’t scare her off. Dont place yourself unwittingly in the Friendszone. Don’t be obsessive or for that matter even a stalker. If she says no then move on without any ill feelings and keep looking out. After all as the wise say, there are many fishes in the sea