The holographic image is the new jam researchers have been working. In this age of cutting edge technology, people are always hungry for new innovations. Holographic image concept is obvious a revolutionizing idea which will change the world perception of hardware.

Apple Inc. is well known for its technical innovations. The new phone from Apple will be designed using 3D Holographic Imaging Technology. Developers are looking for more innovative ways to construct a richer way to develop 3-dimensional display which do not require glasses. This technology is developed by Josselin Zaigouche, a French designer. He together with Apple Inc. will market the technology in upcoming years probably by the year 2020.

The components of this one of a kind phone are:

1.      A charging base

2.      The Black Hole handset

3.      The Prism

4.      A gift box.

The functioning of the phone is not at all complicated. You will fix the Black Hole between your fingers and when you open your palm the prism will actually levitate to a certain height. The experience itself will be a fascinating one. The next step is a projection of ray from the Black Hole. The ray will fall on the prism. It will be scattered around the prism projecting the 3 dimensional holographic images that will act as operating platform. The icons will float over your hand. The 3D view will give you goose bumps and you will feel a small world in your palm. The paradigm shifting technology will make you feel like a god.

This technology has infinite possibilities even in other fields too. By the end of 2020 this technology will change the future of every technology and hardware. The mode of action is totally different from all electronics we know. All the functions will be handled without any hard core keys or switches, which is quite fascinating. 3-D imaging itself is a mystery to everyone. The hovering of the prism and the diffraction of the rays into images of icons is like a dream. It is like a science fiction movie coming true.

Apple Inc. is always been the top notch company to offer the best technology to the world. The new Apple Black Mobile phone will change the perception of every invention and innovation. The user interface will become very delicate and comfy. Apple has made many things possible. So get ready for the new adventure of technology full of surprises.