We all have laughed at our relatives and friends who fart in public. We sniggered when a stranger ripped one and we too were laughed at when we let out one. We too been guilty of passing silent ones in crowded trains, busses & elevators every now and then. We all have enjoyed farting in the swimming pool and found immense fun in the bubbles rising up through the water. We have tried many types of farts over the years, some that were sneaky and some outright brilliant:

  • The Noisy ones (The Big Big bang that even leaves you scared ),
  • The Silent ones (The one You think no one else has heard),
  • The Timed Fart (when you wait for an external noise so that you can rip one without anyone coming to know),
  • The Anticipated fart (The fart that you know is somewhere but don’t know when it will rip),
  • The Cats Purr (you already know how this sounds),
  • The Fire Cracker Fart (The sporadic multiple bursts of energy),
  • The Ooops Fart (The one you did not anticipate but just slipped out unknowingly)
  • The Long Whistle fart (The one where you whistle out a tone)
  • The Lonely Place Fart (This is where you excuse yourself to find a secluded spot to leave one silently)
  • The Fart Oh Crap (This one actually requires you to find a toilet)
  • The Sneeze Fart (The one where you squeal out one when you cough or sneeze).
  • The Stink Bombs (The ones that can evacuate an entire neighbourhood)
  • The Sex Fart (This one is hilarious as well as embarrassing that you and your partner or the person eavesdropping on your romp will never forget)
  • The M Night Shyamalan Fart (So you thought you were leaving a silent one but midway the story twists for a Rip roaring climax)

While we all have enjoyed ripping one in solitude or in the company of intimate friends, the taboo factor is all set to be dumped by a new study by Health Experts. Farting, it seems, is actually good for health! In a new study, health experts have revealed that passing air frequently is actually a sign of good health as passing air prevents bloating.(Huh? New study they say!)

Frequent passing of air may be an indication that one is eating the right kind of foods, says experts. Particularly, scientists are crediting whole grains for increased flatulence and most possibly, good health.

“We saw that those who ate whole grains were more flatulent and had several departures of air during the day,” lead author Stine Vuholm from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, was quoted as saying by Daily Mail.

“But those who didn’t eat whole grains, felt more bloated and tired during the same period,” she added. “It may be socially inconvenient, but it’s good to get rid of this air. If you can’t get rid of gas in the intestine it can cause abdominal pain and make you feel bloated,” the researcher said.

So there you have it Guys. Rip out your embarrassment and Pass out your Guilt. Just stand up proud, Blow your pants off, leave one out deafening loud and declare to the world that you are Healthy. Go on, Fart for Good health!