With the Festive season just around the corner, a Hangover Treatment Clinic has just opened in Sydney, Australia. There is going to be loads of drinking and merriment till the New year and that will take a huge toll on the body.

Havent we all woke up with a hangover in the morning and tried everything from Orange juice to Fried eggs to crocin only to plop back in bed and call in sick. It took an entire day to recoop from the heavy drinking of the previous night and still you felt shitty the next day.

But what if in just half an hour you could be cured of your hangover? What if you could be cured of your hangover without having to do a thing? That’s the service Australia’s first Hangover Clinic offers its clients.

According the The Hangover Clinic’s website, its trained doctors administer a solution containing saline, vitamins, pain medication, as well as oxygen into your body which they claim can cure a hangover within about 30 minutes.

The cost of these “cures” ranges from $140 to $200, and the company says they also do house visits. On the site it says doctors, nurse’s paramedics and sports stars have used IV treatments to “cure the effects of hangovers and dehydration”.

Hangover Clinic Price

“Our unique IV (intravenous) hydration packages give you a speedy recovery from hangovers (as well as other ‘life hangovers’ like the flu, jet lag, sports/exercise fatigue, and general exhaustion), by rapidly restoring your fluid levels with the direct introduction of saline into your system,” it says on the website. “These packages are tailored with the infusion of vitamins and anti-nausea medications to eliminate your symptoms and accelerate your recovery.

“All hangover clinic treatments are delivered by our fully trained and qualified medical practitioners, making it as convenient as possible to get you feeling energised and ready to take on the world again.”

For $140. You get an IV drip and vitamin cocktail and $200 buys a one-hour treatment, including two litres of hydration drip, oxygen therapy and vitamins. There’s also a VIP lounge for group recovery. Wonder when will we have one opening in India.

For anyone visiting Australia and want to try out the Hangover clinic, the address is The Hangover.Clinic, 18 Pelican Street, Surry Hills, NSW. They are open between 6am and 2pm, Thursday to Monday.