You must be aware of that diet, exercise and refraining from fast foods help losing weight. However, there are ways to trick our minds so that we can lose weight even faster. Here are some super psychological tricks that will help you lose that extra flab.

  1. Use Your Index Finger: Every time we scroll through various social networks, we come across many pictures of food which makes us hungry. Pictures of burgers, pizza and pasta make us drool and instant hunger pangs and cravings come knocking. Instead of rushing to the nearest fast food centre, try this method where you touch your Index finger in the middle of your two eyebrows and close your eyes. Keep your index finger pressed for 30 seconds and you’ll forget about the food craving instantly.
  2. Pep Yourself Up: Tell yourself you can do it. Losing weight is not an attainment; it is anapproach of life. Healthy eating and exercising should be your way of living. Once you start asking, ‘Can I?’ you will never be able to accomplish it. Tell yourself every morning, ‘I can do it’ after waking up, this way, you are actually channelling positive energy to yourself and your mind will perform optimistically.
  3. Speak to Yourself: Tell yourself, it is an easy task, it is not rocket science. Losing weight is easy. The only difficulty is to take initiative. But once you are in the cycle, you will not be able to stop. Plan out a way and chalk out all the milestones you need to achieve. Once you tell yourself that it is effortless, you will be able to tread lightly and not stress over it. Stressing can lead to binge eating, which will do reverse effects on your goals.
  4. One Year Goal: Look into the mirror and ask yourself, how you want to see yourself in the next 365 days? Once you ask yourself this question you will not be able to eat that cookie after dinner. Once you commit to yourself, you will not be able to go off course.
  5. Eat in a Smaller Plate: This may sound a little foolish but this has a lot of positive effects. Eating in a small plate compels you to take less of every food item. Just make sure you do not go back for a second serving. Then the whole point of using a smaller plate will be lost.
  6. Create an Aversion: Create aversions from fast food restaurant chains. Every time you have a craving for a burger or crispy chicken from Mac Donald’s or KFC, look for horror stories online that happened in that restaurant or various lawsuits that were filed against such multinational companies due to callousness of the employees. This way you’ll be reminded of all the sickening and repulsive truth behind these restaurants and avert yourself from relishing on that chicken burger.
  7. Look at the mirror while eating: This is a proven fact that once you look at yourself relishing on that big Mac you’ll not be able to go for a second bite. The hunger and cravings for more will be gone and you’ll be able to focus more on dieting.

 We are sure these psychological tricks will work and hope to hear if they work for you. However remember, if you just sit around on your butt and press your index finger on your eyebrow or just talk to yourself in the mirror without actually exercising or dieting, you are not going to lose weight my friend. These tricks help only when you are actively trying to do something to lose weight.