The moment your interview commences your interviewer starts reading you. It’s something most of the candidates do not realize. There are many grounds on which a candidate is assessed. Sometimes there are multiple rounds of an interview before one candidate is shortlisted among many, reason being the interviewer is analyzing your profile on different grounds. It usually takes an interviewer 5–10 minutes to analyze your desirability quotient for the role you have applied for. You have to play it well.

Take care of certain things and you will catch interesting offers in your bag. Ever wondered why some people always shine in interviews and blow the interviewer away? They come in, they see and they conquer. It’s because they have hold over certain skills and take care of certain things that rank them above fellow fresh graduates. It’s relatively easy to grasp them. Are you hooked yet? Pay attention.

  1. Research the job you are applying for. Study the opening role and Make a Concise and well-structured Resume that aligns your strengths, abilities, projects according to the role you have applied for, don’t make it longer than 2 pages. If it’s an analytics role you have applied for, your resume should scream in bold about your Data and Analytics alliance.                                                                                                      
  2. Research the company you are applying in. Every company has a “Vision and Mission”. Read the vision and mission and everything you can find about the company. 12 values of Amazon Amazon’s global career site. 14 core cultural values of Uber Corporate Culture Lessons from Uber are few such examples. It will make a deep impression on your interviewing panel that you took efforts to research about the organization before showing up for the interview.                                                          
  3. Attitude and the impression you make are some of the essential factors that land you a job. Your manner of negotiating and interacting makes a difference. Remember communication is an art and it has to be done right. Excellent communication skills are a demand for almost every organization.                                                                         
  4. Proficiency in a Particular Domain. A prior experience of an internship or a research project is going to give you an edge over other candidates. If you have pursued a course in a domain, gained a certification on a skill or have any rudimentary experience then congrats. You are in for a win.                                                                                      
  5. Be Confident, don’t stammer during an interview and even if you don’t know an answer handle the situation calmly. Demonstrate the willingness to learn by admitting your ignorance and asking for knowledge. Build the conviction that you are the person for the job.                                                                                                                           

Note: Extra skills always come in handy. Play to your strengths.