The relationship between a man and a woman has always been complicated. So much so that even the best spouses have their share of arguments because they do not agree on some points. These topics whenever they come up in a conversation are going to cause a friction. Let us have a look at the top 5 here.

  • Parenting– While it is true that kids are more attached to their mother the father wants to have his say too. However, the mother’s gut instinct is much stronger and correct most of the times. This leads to frequent arguments as it is difficult for men to be treated like they cannot take a decision. An advice to the men, listen to your wife with regards to your children she knows the best.                                                                
  • Finance– This field has always been a man’s forte but it is silly to assume that women cannot do finance. Most women also handle their family budgets and even have similar responsibilities at the office. However, men think otherwise and are not open to discussing this topic with them. This leads to arguments and counter-arguments to prove who is right.                                                                                                      
  • Personal time– Once the weekend starts the wife also expects some free time and rest for herself. Hence she expects the husband to share the load. However, the husband has already finalized a program with his dear friends. After handling the kid’s duties for the entire week doing that on the weekly offs is something which she is not ok with. Come on husbands learn the art of balancing your time with friends with the time spent at home. Doing that would let you enjoy best of both the worlds at the same time.              
  • Jealousy– This feeling can arise from both sides and can be extremely harmful to the relationship. If you or your spouse anyone is over possessive then understand that it can cause severe repercussions. While it is good to be worried about where your spouse is going and with who do not make it an everyday practice to keep probing him or her about that. Such everyday squabbles keep increasing the distance between the couples. Remember that trust is the most important factor for a relationship to work.                   
  • Religion– It is important that the person you have married is on the same page as you when it comes to religion. Else there would be frequent arguments and fights on religious matters. Do not force your opinion on your spouse and make him adhere to something he or she does not believe in. If both people have conflicting views on religion then it is best not to bring that topic up frequently as it may lead to frequent fights.        

While these are only the most common fight reasons in between couples the list can be endless. For a relationship to work properly it is critical that ego is kept aside. Try to avoid bringing up topics which can cause a conflict and even if it does make sure to patch up soon. It is only then that you both would be able to enjoy this journey of life together.