Men always say that they can never fully understand their partner or spouse. Quite true as women, in general, are very secretive in nature. In public, they try their best to maintain their image but hell breaks loose when they are alone or with their besties. Here are 10 things which all girls do in private and no man ever gets to know about it.

  1. Well, most of the women are very concerned that their bras do not lose shape or get spoiled by continuous washing. So we tend to wear a bra continuously until it starts stinking. Most men would not even have a clue about this habit.                                     
  2. While summers mean getting dressed in skimpy clothes in winters you need to be all covered up. So why take the pain of getting waxed when nobody is going to see the excess hair on your hands and feet.
  3. Since women are born stars they need to keep checking that they have not lost the shine. A crazy dance in front of the mirror after a day or two reaffirms their belief.           
  4. Their eyebrows are where all the attention is diverted to. Therefore in private, they keep checking if the shape of the eyebrows or if there is any scope for improvement.              
  5. Even though it is not their job they do keep checking other women around us. Maybe sometimes even pass a remark about how the other girl is dressed up and looking better than her.                                                                                                                     
  6. If her Kajal is finished you cannot understand the panic situation that arises. She always needs to look perfect and if there is anything missing a fit ensues. Not only Kajal this might happen for any other make- up item as well.                                                       
  7. People call us the sensitive gender and the tear weapons can get started anytime. So if they are going through a breakup or any tough situation in life you can expect them to start crying anytime. Not only that sometimes girls can also be seen crying in front of the mirror just to see how they look while doing so.                                                      
  8. They may pretend that they are dressing up for their lover or partner but the truth is something else. In reality girls dress up only to showcase themselves to the other girls around and make them feel jealous. Girls know that most of the men do not have even a basic sense of fashion and hence all the effort is not to get appreciation from them.         
  9. All women protect their dignity in public but in private they can roam around as they please. In fact the girls do not mind even changing in front of their besties after all they are your best friends right.                                                                                          
  10. The last is something that all the girls do the moment they enter the house. Yes that is taking off their bra and throw it away. It takes them only 10 seconds to do but the gratification they get out of it doing that is immense.                                                     

These are just few of the things that women love to do in private. Your partner would also be doing them however she would not own it up. Don’t even confront her to do that as the impact could be dangerous.