There are quite a lot of you who have the privilege of living alone, which means you have an entire house to yourself. You do not have to explain anything that you do within the four walls of your house. This also means that whenever nobody is around, there is actually no reason to have your clothes on. Primarily, we wear clothes to shield ourselves from the weather that then later evolved into covering our modesty. But then when nobody is watching you, how many roam around the house without clothes?

The answer is, not many. When there is no compulsion why do we remain clothed and covered? Well the answer maybe a little complex. However, the good thing is that not all of us follow this. There are some people who roam around naked at house when left alone. This people are also blessed with certain special traits….. Intelligence! If you walk around naked at home then you are intelligent.

If you walk around naked at home then you are intelligent

A scientific study recently conducted proved that people who lounge around the house naked tend to be smarter or intelligent than the ones who don’t. This paper was researched and written by Benjamin P. Chapman and Lewis R. Goldberg and was published in Personality and Individual Differences. This research was based on the study of the traits from the Big Five Personality scale. This revealed that those who have higher level of intellect are more likely to roam around their lone dens, naked.

To understand this trait and its associated factors in details, one has to understand the intricacy of the Big Five Personality Scale. This Big Five Personality scale breaks down the overall personality traits or characteristics of a person into five factors. These five factors namely are extraversion, conscientiousness, neuroticism, openness to new experiences and agreeableness.

The researchers came to this scientific conclusion about the Big Five Personality test by using data that were collected since the 1990s. Here the respondents were made to take a Big Five Personality test and were asked to answer questions tied to the Act-Frequency Approach. This Act-Frequency Approach was initially designed to measure mundane or incidental behaviors that governed our daily lives.

The Science of Us further explained these traits and their associated behavioral actions. The results of the research that was published in ‘Personality and Individual Differences’, had mentioned that people who had a very high agreeableness were more likely to sing while in the shower. Then people who had lower levels of neuroticism than others were less likely to turn to dieting in order to lose weight. Similarly, people with high conscientiousness are less likely to chew on a pencil and people who are high on extraversion are more likely to talk over the phone while driving.

The correlation between intelligence and certain preferences, including lounging around the house naked has also been proved in this scientific study. After carefully observing the various facets of human personality and their co-associative behavior or action this conclusion has been reached upon. So, next time when you feel that roaming around the house naked may not be quite wise, just think about this scientific finding and remind yourself that you are  more intelligent than other people.

So, if you want to be Intelligent, walk around naked at home. But for god’s sake, draw those curtains, voyeurism is a on a rise in this country.