People say guys have it all easy in life! Life is a cake walk for men, some say. Well, Guy’s World has a different take on this. We say being a guy is not all hunky-dory as it looks. There are those annoying things you have to get used to and have to accept as part of being born a guy. Even guys go through shit that every guy can relate to. Some days, it is just not easy being a guy. Don’t we all guys hate it when the following happens to us?

Annoying Things Only Men Understand

Hanging Balls:

For starters, let’s start with what lies between our legs! How many times have you had to awkwardly adjust your undies so that your balls can come un-stuck? They are all over the place aren’t they? Sometimes they hang loose, other times they are rolled up all tight! But the funny thing is we have gotten so used to them; it comes naturally to us this discomfort! The same way taking off the Bra at the end of the day is the best feeling for a woman, kicking off our underwear works wonders for us.

Getting hit in the Groin:

Women will question why this is a big deal. But only a brother will understand that getting kicked in the nuts is like Armageddon for us! Seeing stars is one thing, if we get hurt there it is the entire galaxies that we see! Yes, we need protection for our delicate area and they need to be handled with butter fingers. Our whole existence will be at risk if something happens to our ballsacks. Our Family jewels will be at risk folks. We mean it literally!

Random Erections:

Talking about our ballsacks, our Boom stick too has a brain of it’s own! Every guy understands what we are talking about and are probably nodding their heads with a knowing smile. How many times have you had to hurriedly cover up your boner because it deemed it the right moment to rear up? They really don’t need an enticement to make their presence felt. Be it the boring meetings you are part of or the bus ride on the way back home, random erections are an irritating part of our life. Wonder how Actor Govinda managed all those Khattiya Dances in his songs.

Quick Orgasms:

If there is one thing we can be truly jealous of women, then it should be the multiple orgasms they can experience. Because majority of us guys would call it a miracle if we can hold it for more than the World average of two and half minutes and enjoy a prolonged orgasm. Only guys will relate to the fact that we have to do all the hard work and get to enjoy the result for a negligible period of time.  What shit man!

Blue Balls:

Pretty sure that many of us have experienced the Blue Ball effect at some point in life. We Indians have given it another name – KLPD. We are all excited after a prolonged state of arousal and have a massive boner ready for action and then the action does not happen! The uneasiness with which our family jewels try to accept the reality causes the blue balls. Guys, you understood right?

Taking the lead:

Another thing that we men are expected to do because we are men is taking the lead! Be it in the dating arena or in bed, men have to lead from the front. We are the ones who have to propose, we are the ones who have to plan the outings and we are the ones who have to buy the condoms. We have to be the givers. And we also have to take the blame for a session gone awry! Phew! So much expectation from us.

Hair, Hair Everywhere:

Having hair all over is again something we relate to just being men. Be it the arms, back, legs and myriad places on our body, we men have to deal with the hairy mess we become thanks to our genes.  And then we are called yucky for being, well, us!

Putting on the Condom:

We are all worked up and aroused, right in the middle of the foreplay, working up a steam and have to stop to put on a condom. The wait gets to the old boy and he sulks and decides to limp out. Then there is a concerted struggle to encourage him to salute again. Yes, we know that condoms are important and all…. It is just that part of Sex that we get very annoyed with. We do all this effort for a global average of 2.5 minutes?

Is there any annoying things we may have missed out on this list? Anything that annoys and irritates you? Do comment and we will include them as well. Do show these to your girlfriends and wives and let them understand how difficult it is to be a man.

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