A man should look like a man. Well, there is nothing offensive in this statement. We are not talking about superiority or inferiority of a particular sex. We simply mean that the inherent characteristics should come out prominently and clearly.

Would you like a miserable and flabby man filling out his T-shirt with a pair of fat deposits? Not at all! The thought itself is quite disgusting.

Man boobs or ‘MOOBS’ as they are called, is a quite common men’s problem. Instead of a rock-solid, strong chest some men literally have boobs.

You always thought it is a problem that is irreversible and genetic? Not really, it is a resolvable issue rather which doesn’t need anything special but just your determination and hard work.

Here are some practical tips to make you a macho-man that hot babes always fantasize about.

Let’s understand the theory behind it

Before you make fun of it (when you are not the victim of it), understand what causes man boobs? Man boobs are not just restricted to fat deposits due to obesity or weight issues. Technically, it is known as Gynecomastia; a medical problem. While almost 50% of the men are suffering from it, the condition may be even more severe with a select few.

Experts say that in the majority of the patients, there is actually a breast gland in the body. It is not just a mass of fat. The ratio of the excess fat varies from person to person.  For others without the medical problem, they are just fat deposits.

Is it possible to get rid of it?
Yes, it is very much possible for those whose Man Boobs are just fat deposits that can be gotten rid off. One would need loads of determination, hard work, and healthy diet. The exercise and diet routine is so hard that it becomes pretty difficult to maintain the morale high. In a few cases, surgical intervention may be required if the problem doesn’t go by other means.

The case of established Gynecomastia (Medical issue that causes Man boobs) is irreversible. No cream, injection, pills, hormonal therapy or massage would help. Either the patient should adjust with it or meet a surgeon to remove it.

Cases, where the problem is not hormonal; following tricks would help.

Do three sets of 12 repetitions with a gap of 90 seconds after every set.  Spread the shoulders apart. Hold the bar with hand. Bend your knees. Keep the arms straight. Drive down through the heels and pull the bar up using the legs. Push the hips forward and stand erect.

Dumbbell bench press
You need to lie on the flat bench. Hold a pair of dumbbells with an overhand grip either side. Press the weights straight up by pressing the legs hard on the floor. Lower the legs slowly to the initial position.

Typewriter Push-up
It is a fantastic exercise to get rid of man boobs. You begin with a high plank. The hands should be planted wider than your shoulders. Bring the body down towards the right hand. Press back to the starting position. It is one repetition. Make it on the opposite side as well. Repeat the entire cycle at least twenty to thirty times.

These exercises will carve out the sexy figure hidden underneath you and make you the real macho man!