As one of the oldest civilizations, India holds within her, a glorious treasure of art and wisdom, and the secrets hidden in its ancient past. In many ways, a pioneer in the realm of science and mathematics, it is a brutal irony that the heritage so priceless be forgotten today.


India’s Contribution to The Building of Our Future

Some of the most decisive steps that have attributed the progress we witness in our present times, and the hurried force with which we navigate our paths towards the future, have amassed their origins in the deep-rooted knowledge of our Indian thinkers. History has these names engraved in time, and time has carried the tides of these long-ago discoveries well into our lives of today.

Science of Space

When we look at the enormity and magnitude of the universe that encompasses us, it is hard to even begin to comprehend the gifted wisdom of Aryabhata.

  • His contribution extends beyond the dissection of the value of Pi and square roots, and stretches across to establishing the sphere of the earth, and the precise formulation of the movement of planets.

Technology Inspired by The Wisdom of Ancient India

The encounter that birthed the fundamentals of the modern computer system can trace its lineage to the Vedic academic Pingala.

  • The binary, which has shifted our virtual dimension from intelligence to artificial intelligence, was first impregnated in the Chandas-Shastra by Pingala.

Understanding of Physics as it Originated in The Indian Minds

The limitless possibilities of quantum physics that were glorified by the likes of Heisenberg, Schrodinger and Tesla finds its history in the Vedanta.

  • The ingenious, who succeeded in capturing the essence of Ananta or infinity, has his roots firmly clasped around the soil of this country.
  • The understanding of the state of motion or absolute rest in an atom is impenetrable to the human mind, and yet Kanada saw through it.

The Profound Impact of Medicine as We Know It

The fascination surrounding the depths of the contribution made by the prudent philosophers of ancient India extends beyond science, to embrace the field of medicine as well.

  • Hard as it may seem to discern before the West claimed expertise in plastic surgery, Sushruta had pioneered the art of rhinoplasty in 6th century BC.
  • The rudiments of treating cataract with a curved needle were conceived by this prodigy.

The Scope of Ayurveda Today

The oblivion of our generation towards the simplicity of embracing and sustaining good health has kept us away from achieving it.

  • The science of digestion, immunity, and metabolism evidenced in the works of Charaka which form the fundamentals of the Ayurveda. It is the understanding we are all in need of. And yet, Ayurveda is, but turning into a forgotten dexterity.
  • The list detailing all the contributions made by ancient India in enabling and equipping the world of today is boundless. The origin of science as a stepping stone, which has catapulted the inventions of today, are but a fragment of the discoveries and theories pioneered in the pages of Indian history.
  • Not spoken of as much, forgotten even, the foundations laid deep in the ages of Indian history, have paved the way for the dominion of understanding and knowledge that we witness today.