Ever walked into a room full of beautiful girls, secretly hoping that tonight might be the night, that you might hit the jackpot and get to take out one of those pretty princesses out for drinks. But then suddenly this guy walks in, and all the eyes are on him, not excluding the eyes of the one you had your eyes on. And now you are one hopeless, restless guy haunted by another failed mission, sitting there at the corner of the bar, nursing a drink and beating yourself up for your consistent defeat among the fairer sex, eventually losing your confidence to ever attract women.

Well, to make you feel better, you are one of those incalculable numbers of guys, who have been through this and lost hope. But then there is the sun somewhere out there waiting to come and shine on you!

Being gifted with the “Natural Magnet” ability, I am frequently approached by my friends for advice on how to attract women, how to get their attention, how to hold it, and what not.

So without any further ado, let’s jump on to some nuggets of information that I am here to share with you to put you on a wagon to attract women, and not just that, the right woman.

So, drill some of these life experiences into you that I share here, and become the ultimate chick magnet:

  1. Self-grooming: Do you look and smell like someone who just has just come from his exile in caves, and eat like there would be no food tomorrow? Then congratulations, you have completed your Masters in Chick Repellence! Well, girls do like feathers but sorry no manes that make you look like a cave man. And well a sweating man does indicate his strength of doing physical work and is sexy, but smelling like someone who has been devoid of the bath for years is not gonna win you a girl’s attention, let alone keep it. Though you will be one champion in shooing them away from you. So, invest in some good subtle perfumes and deodorants, cut those claws, shave that mane, and invest in some good clothes. Don’t copy someone else’s style, but slip on the clothes you are comfortable in.
  1. Mannerism: If you are confused about your role in today’s world of bro culture and gender equality, then you need to read this. Good mannerism and chivalry are not dead! You read it and read it until you get it. If you are someone who yells at the waiter every time you are sitting in a restaurant and thinking it’s cool, then you need to take a course in Mannerism 101. Women see men, who respect others, as potential partners who will respect them and their choices. Such men are dependable, mature, and caring and women eye them as long-term And even the most successful of the women that I have met tell me in unison that small gestures like opening doors for women are always seen as a sign of good brought up but anything else and will always be in vogue.

  1. Being Well-read: Women like a man who read columns other than “how to attract women”. Jokes apart, update yourself with day to day happenings in the world and around you. Women love men who have lots of information to share and lots of things to talk about. If you can initiate a conversation that lasts for about twenty minutes, rest assured you have her attention, which is the necessary first step to attract her and get her to know you. Invest in some good books and magazines and acquaint yourself with the daily affairs, so you are never short of topics for discussion. One of my friends who is known for his success with women can be seen reading some book or the other in his spare time. So, I know it does work!
  1. Indifference: Most of my friends who have success in the chick department are the ones who generally make no effort towards getting someone’s attention. Now don’t get me wrong; I am not asking you to be arrogant. But all I am saying is that when all your attention is focused on getting someone to be attracted to you, there is a fear that you might come across as needy and might drive away ‘that’ potential one. By being genuinely focused on your job or the work that you love doing and not focusing on attracting a woman’s attention makes you look hard to get, hence driving women to make efforts to ‘hunt you down.’ It’s basic human psychology to go after things that are hard to get and are prohibited.
  1. The sense of humour: The love gurus around the world can vouch for this. If you can make a woman laugh, then you are half way there. Women love to laugh and when they come across someone, who makes them happy, they see them as dependable and caring. And however casual the relationship is, women have an innate need for someone they can see their future with. Hence, your wit can go a long way; don’t shy away from cracking a joke or two and without sounding cocky; harmlessly tease on her some incident that she has just encountered. If she smiles, then you know you have won half the battle.

I know all you dudes out there are all pumped up and are ready to go out and about to get a woman’s attention. But before you do that, make sure you are genuine. And remember confidence is the key. Talk with her at ease, be charming, smile, work on your mind, body, and soul. Focus on what you are passionate about to prevent yourself from coming across as needy. Remember women are attracted to men who have a life. And most importantly be a gentleman! Don’t forget to thank me when you emerge successful!