Turbans initially were worn to keep in continuation with the tradition being followed. However, nowadays things have changed and turbans have becoming a fashion accessory in itself. Following in the footsteps of celebs like Diljeet Dosanjh and Navjot Singh Siddhu men are looking at ways to match them with the shirt or outfit they are going to wear. Here we are going to give you tips on how to match the turban colour with your dress.

These day men also do not want to feel left behind in the fashion game. They try their best to ensure that the outfit they wear is complimenting all the other fashion accessories they are wearing. Thanks to some celebs Turban has also become a famous fashion item to flaunt. However, for better effect, it is required that the turban is colour coordinated with the dress. Mention below are some tips to do so effectively.

  • Casual occasion wear– When out with your friends in a casual set up always choose vibrant colours of the turban. Red in that context is a colour that you should experiment with. It would also suit you when you are wearing a plain white kurta as the colour really stands out and is hence quickly noticed.
  • Late night get together– If you are planning to go for an evening party pick up a colour like pink which would stand out in the night. Even when you are going to an evening wedding or engagement party pink is a colour which would match the occasion well. Not to mention that it complements the tuxedo that you are probably going to wear.
  • Formal meetings– If you are going to meet someone important in the day then a black turban is what would look good. Black and even white will match the seriousness of the moment. You can even try out light blue turbans provided it matches or is contrasting with the colour of the shirt or tie. Never adopt any bold colours as that would leave a bad impression about your choices.
  • Informal day events– When out on a picnic or just any adventure trip Orange is the colour you should pick. It is not only a bubbly colour it shines out whenever you are planning a day program. You can also add Orange to your dress code when any patriotic event is approaching as that adds to the fervour.
  • On jeans– If you are planning to wear jeans of any dark shade then you should pair it with a dark shade in your turban too. Red, blue, green, pink and black any of these colours would look suitable for the same. Also, you can pick up a purple turban especially if you are going to wear black jeans. Just make sure that the purple shade is not very dark.
  • Match with tie– Whenever you are wearing a suit it is better to match the tie with the turban colour. It makes you look formal and gentle and grants an extra aura to your overall appearance. However, when your tie is printed or multi-coloured you might have to think before selecting which turban colour to pick.

These are just a few ways in which you can add zing to your turban style. Remember that if done well your turban choice can actually have a magnetic effect on people. Try these styles and let us know if they worked for you. We would be waiting to hear from you.