Depression can be really challenging to deal with, especially if it has been a while since you fell prey to it. And while you may feel helpless, you’re actually not.

There are many things you can do to regain your happiness and get rid of depression for good, and these 5 simple but effective ways are a good start.

Getting Into a Routine

Getting into a daily routine can really make a difference surprisingly quickly. When you’re suffering from depression, days would melt by without accomplishing anything much at all, which may further worsen your depression.

Following a daily routine may help keep you occupied, which, in turn, may help you stay on track and avoid feeling lost all day as you likely would if you’re suffering from serious depression.

Setting Goals

This one’s similar to the above technique, but can work way more effectively if followed with determination. The thing is, depression can make you feel that you’re not capable of accomplishing anything.

And when this feeling grows bigger, it gets harder to deal with the depression demon. Hence, you need to set daily goals and accomplish them, which would help you fighting against this feeling and, thus, depression.

It’s recommended to start small, and do something that’s going to make you feel happy from inside. Once you’re achieving your small goals consistently, you can start setting yourself some more challenging goals.


Exercise can turn out to be a fairly effective way of feeling positive and fighting off the negativity produced by your depressed mind. It’s believed to produce chemicals known as endorphins that make you feel good.

Regular exercise may also help achieve some long-term benefits that would help you against depression. It also encourages your brain to think positively, which is something you desperately need while dealing with depression.

Finally, you don’t need to exhaust yourself by lifting heavy dumbbells, but a few minutes of walking, several times a day, may turn out to be enough.

Healthy Eating

If you don’t already know, let us tell you that poor eating habits are associated with not only physical, but also many mental health issues, including depression. You would want to cut out fast foods and many other types of foods from your diet.

You would ideally want to have as much as fruits and vegetables as possible, while avoiding the rest of the foods. Also, it’s not very uncommon to overeat during depression, but controlling your food intake will make you feel good about yourself, eventually making you stronger against your depression.


Meditation is actually something that can work wonders for your depression. When you’re starting out with it, you only need to get a comfortable chair, sit on it in a comfortable position, and start breathing in and out deeply.

And while doing so, focus on the present and your breathing, and let the thoughts flow through. As you get comfortable with it, you can start following advanced meditation techniques.

You need to devote at least two and a half hours every week to it to get significant results.