In our everyday life, we come across many kinds of people. While some are those with whom we would like to continue our association there are few who just need to be avoided. All because of some action of theirs. Here we bring to you ten such people who are so damn irritating that they deserve one tight slap from all of us.

Have you ever faced a situation where you seriously wanted to slap some really hard but had to control yourself? Happens many times with almost all of us. Such people are widespread and they can ruin your happiness by some of their actions which are really gross. Here we are going to tell you 10 people who we think deserved to be slapped in public.

  1. The Eve teasers

    This gang of hooligans consider it their birthright to misbehave with any girl they find moving around on the street. Such people are not even bothered about the police or any security elements nearby as they move around openly challenging human sensibilities.

  2. The position flaunters

    Ever met a guy who keeps flaunting “Janta Nahin Mera baap Kaun Hai”. These people tend to forget that they are separate from their fathers and hence deserve a tight slap too.

  3. The name spoilers

    It is only in India that we have already named different communities with different shortened names. For example, South Indians are Madrasis and people from North East Chinkies.

  4. Bride seekers

    When it comes to looking for a bride for their sons most mothers want a fair, educated, homely girl who would keep their son happy. One question to be asked what if one day girls also start judging men on these parameters, would your son qualify as an ideal match.

  5. Gossiping aunties

    In every Gali and Mohalla, you have a bunch of Gossiping aunties. They consider it their prime duty to talk about what someone’s son or daughter is doing at night. If only these women could first keep an eye on their children before doing so.

  6. Tharki Boss

    It is high time men in authoritative position realize that their female subordinates are not there to fulfil their desires. Such people also need a tight slap to realize that women employees should be judged only on the basis of the work they do.

  7. Pesky relatives

    Either they will keep asking you when you are going to get married or in case you have already done that they will ask you when you are going to have a baby. If only people knew that meddling in someone’s life is not so cool maybe they would not have been on this list.

  8. Eternal Cribber

    Be it your friends, relatives or colleagues you will always find one person who has to crib about everything in this world. This person really needs to be told that instead of complaining if he could just shut up his life would be much better.

  9. The Forwards guy

    For as long as this person is on the Whatsapp he will forward you all the silly jokes that he has received. Not to mention that sometimes these people forget that they have already forwarded you some of them earlier also.

  10. Late for everything

    These people never learn from their past mistakes. They are habitual latecomers even if it means ruining someone’s party or a planned movie date. Probably a tight slap might just make them realize the importance of being on time.

These are just a few people who according to us deserved to be slapped till they finally start seeing some sense. If you also know of more such people do share with us and let us know. We would love to know about the people who irk your intelligence the most.