We keep hearing people say all the time that the world is becoming a smaller place. That does not mean that it is somehow shrinking in size but it means that the means of communication and transport have made far distances more and more accessible to people. But what are the aspects of life that make you feel like the world has become a smaller place?

One of the key aspects of our lives that help the world become more accessible to us is social networking sites. Today over a billion people have access to social networking sites and use them almost daily, sometimes many times a day. Addiction to social networking sites is common and sometimes the first thing people do when they wake up is check social networking sites. The following are some of the reasons why social networking sites make world a smaller place:

How Social Networking Makes World a Smaller Place

· Today on an average, we have hundreds of friends on social networking sites like Facebook. Most people check Facebook every day or even many times a day. It is a great way to keep in touch with a large group of friends and family without actually meeting them. For example, one can interact with friends and family across the globe through social networking.

· People share their pictures and also post various social activities of their lives on these social networking sites. These can be viewed by the people they give access to from different corners of the globe.

· Facebook is not the only social networking site that millions of online users use. Besides Facebook, there is the microblogging site- twitter, the video sharing site- YouTube, the business oriented social networking site- LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr, Vine, Pinterest and Reddit which are all multinational social networking sites that have a strong presence in many countries.

· Besides the above mentioned websites, there are many social networking websites that operate in different countries at a local and national level.

· Social networking sites also make the world a smaller place because it helps curb loneliness and makes us all part of each other’s lives. It gives a sense of belonging to a community and if one feels only all he or she has to do is go online and sign in to one of these sites. Communicating with a large number of family or friends who are even at the other end of the world through social networking sites helps curb loneliness to some extent in some people.

· All the latest trends, news and happenings around the world can be followed through social networking site. From seeing the latest collection of a top designer, to catching the first trailer of a movie and also following the latest happenings in the lives of our friends, family and loved ones, these social networking sites give us a large access to the world and make the world a smaller place in the process.

The world is becoming a smaller place but thanks to technology innovations like social networking, we are getting a much larger world view of life.