Nowadays we have so much information like contacts, pictures, videos, media files, relevant documents and many such similar critical files on the personal computer or PCs and on mobile computing devices like smartphones and tablet devices.


This information is very important to us as it relates to many aspects of our lives. If this personal information that is available to us on PCs and mobiles is lost due to a problem with the devices then a lot of important information and files can be forever lost on the computer.

For this purpose there is an option of backup of PC/Mobile data that helps the users to restore data that is lost for some reason or the other.

The following are ways in which PC/Mobile Data can be backed up and kept so that it will not be lost from the computer forever:

Backup Options for PCs

  • A great option is to invest in a USB flash drive or an external hard drive. Use this drive by connecting it to the computer via the USB port. Then copy all relevant files and data that you think is important on these external hardware storage devices. Disconnect these devices after the copying is done and keep these external pen drives or hard drives disconnected from the computer. So if there is any problem with the computer, the relevant data has a copy stored in these devices.
  • Another good idea is to use cloud computing solutions for this purpose. This means that using online cloud storage like Dropbox will be a good idea by creating an account on Dropbox and then keeping a backup of relevant data on the cloud online through Dropbox. Besides Dropbox, there are similar online cloud services that help you to backup data from the PCs.
  • If the PC Data from an Apple Mac has to be backed up, a great way to do this is using iCloud. Apple iCloud is a storage service by Apple where Data can be stored on the iCloud at a remote server so that if there is a problem with the Mac, the data is available on the iCloud.

Backup Options for Mobile Devices

  • iCloud works for iPhones and iPads in the same way that it works for Mac computers. Storing data on iCloud is a great way to backup data on Apple devices like iPhones and iPads. It is very easy to use Apple iCloud and currently over 300 million people are using iCloud all over the world.
  • For Apple users, iPhone and iPad data can also be backed up using iTunes which has a backup option that will help backup the Data on your iPhone and iPad for safe keeping.
  • For Android smartphones and tablets, Google also has cloud storage option available for the users. Just go to settings and tap on “Backup My Data” and the data is backed up for safe keeping. There are also many Backup options with apps available for this purpose on Play Store.

Backing up Data at regular intervals is a good idea to keep relevant data from PCs and Mobile devices safe.