All memories, especially, college memories always make a person nostalgic. The thrill of being independent, free and the fun you have at college makes for such colorful memories. These are the formative years that shape your thinking, Opinion, views & strengthens your principles. College life is such an eye opening experience that teaches you responsibilities and shapes you to be a better human.

It is not only the education you get within the walls of your classroom, but also the experience, maturity & life lessons you gather throughout your college life that cannot be taught in any classroom.

Here are some things you love about your college life:

1. You Finally Taste Freedom

Till the time you were in school, you were on a leash with tight restrictions and curfews with little or no interaction with the outside world. It is most likely that you only ever stepped out of your house with your parents, relatives or friends and the circle of interaction was very limited. It is only when you start college that you are blown away by this new found freedom.

You suddenly feel the leash slacken (Parents do not let go completely) and a whole new world open up for you. No more uniforms, no more restrictions, no more homework and your circle of interaction increases. You finally get to travel everywhere alone or with your friends and can now even attend parties without much restriction. You finally feel free.

2. Making New Friends

When you are in the college, you are mature enough to decide about the good things and the bad things. You meet with so many people, and it is your sole discretion to choose your group. Yes, you make mistakes, but you learn from it as well.  College days are the days when you infinitely expand the universe of knowledge and experience. You make friends that last a lifetime.

3. Bunking Class

The initial few weeks you may not even dream of bunking as you are still in the college mode and haven’t felt the leash loosen yet. It takes just one brave student to initiate the bunking and he will make sure to convince others too. We of course in no way encourage bunking but then again a bit of bunking now and then ain’t that bad. Bunking classes to roam around the campus or to watch a movie or go for a picnic is so much fun.

4. College Festivals

College festival at colleges are the most fun filled time of your college life. Suddenly your college gets transformed from these colorless monotonous drab buildings to a more colorful & vibrant atmosphere with a lot of music & activity to participate in or just watch. Students look forward to these festivals and participate wholeheartedly.

5. Valentine’s Day / Friendship Day / Traditional Day & All other Theme based Days

There is a flurry of activity inside as well as outside the college on these theme based days. College students are super excited and take these days very seriously. Students can be seen sporting multi color ribbons on their hands on friendship days and Girls with roses and gifts on Rose & Valentine’s day. On Traditional day you will see the college students dressing up traditionally in saris & kurtas and thronging the streets just outside their college.

All these themed days are usually celebrated before the serious months of submissions, practicals & exams begin. These themed days are the colorful events in every student’s life that form permanent memories for life.

6. Flirting, Crushes, Dating, Breakups

You will forever remember the first time you saw your crush in college and will always remember the way your eyes scanned across searching for them just as you entered your college or class. The mere sight of them made you all tingly inside.

Remember the nervousness on trying to sit next to them or talking to them and asking them for notes just so that they talk to you?  Remember asking them out for coffee at CCD or just a walk around the campus?

Remember the feeling of jealousy when they talked with others or the long chats over the phone? Remember that first kiss and the long lingering hugs? Remember the fights and the breakups? Remember being rejected by the person you proposed on Rose Day? Flirting, Crushes, Dating, Breakups and Rejections are all part of college life.

Discussions and debates

During the college days, you were ‘Mr. Know It All’. There were varied viewpoints in the group about any topic. Hence, there used to unending debates and discussions. However, you learned a lot by it. You learned how to defend your point of view. You learned how to put the things assertively. You learned how to deal with issues instead of hiding them under the carpet. Didn’t it help a lot in the professional life?

Campus during the holidays

Every one of us had at least one vacation that were spent in the college. College during the holidays is awesome.  There is nobody in the class, library or computer lab. You get full freedom of reading any of the books. The campus, the canteen, the classrooms, the corridors, and the staircases are still there alive in our memories.

Life at the College Hostel

Yes, you had an exciting time in the hostel. More than the days spent there, you remember the nights. Apart from studies, you had the best birthday celebrations, parties, and festivals. Almost in every hostel, you find people who do not sleep. Remember when you and your friends smuggled in that bottle of rum and sat in the room and shared them with ten others? Remember climbing over the wall and sneaking out of the hostel for the last show? Hostel life was indeed fun while they lasted.

Awesome Canteen food

Food is the most fabulous part of your college days. The Canteen cooks make fantastic dishes that taste great. May it be the Chinese Maggi noodles, the Mysore masala dosas, Misal pao’s , the hakka noodles or the American chopsuey, you will never find the same taste anywhere else outside college.

What were the things you loved about your college? We would love to know about your college life.