• Modern humans have remnants of two known, long – Extinct Humanoid species.
  • Melanesian People discovered to have Unknown, mysterious &  unidentified bits of DNA that is yet to be identified.
  • Question is, who or what do the unidentified Bits belong to and how did Melanesians get them?

Melanesians are the native inhabitants of Melanesia, which are islands in the South Pacific Ocean, starting from Eastern Indonesia to the northeast of Australia, and include the countries of the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Fiji and a few others.

The Melanesia people have a very unique ancestry. Along with the native aboriginals of Australia, they are believed to have come from a hunter – gatherer tribe who emigrated from Africa somewhere between 50,000 and 100,000 years back and scattered along the southern edge of Asia,

Recently, Scientists at a meeting of the American Society for Human Genetics presented their latest research that confirmed the previous DNA investigation, which showed that the dominant Melanesian Islanders may actually be carrying, locked deep in the Melanesian DNA, traces of a previously unknown, long time-extinct human species that has so far eluded archaeologists.

We modern humans inherited a small bit of our genes from the extinct Neanderthals (earliest form of Human species before Modern Humans evolved). There is also evidence to show that some of us humans also carry the genetic bits and pieces of a lesser known sister group, called the Denisovans (Extinct species before Modern humans evolved).

However, a genetic analysis of modern day Melanesians show traces of DNA of an unidentified, extinct, and a prehistoric third group of Pre human species that have bewildered Scientists.

This finding has led scientists to believe that there could have been a third branch of species other than Neanderthals or Denisovans that were not yet identified. We humans still carry a part of the Neanderthal and Denisovan DNA in our genes that meant that the earliest humans interbred with them.

This study led the scientists to conclude that another, third group of unidentified species, also bred with early Melanesian ancestors. The other mystery of the Melanesian natives is that their skin is dark as people from Africa but still a huge population has blonde hair.

Scientists think that somewhere between 100k and 60k years ago; our very early ancestors migrated from Africa, and came in contact with other hominid species that lived on the Eurasian landmass.

This contact in all probability caused interbreeding that left a mark on our human species that which can still be found today. Such a contact between the Earliest Melanesians and the third unidentified specie from the hominid family tree has left a mark on the modern day Melanesian too.

As of now the only thing that can be said is that there may be a new (read extinct) humanoid specie waiting to be discovered and may open the doors for speculation over even more species that may just one day find itself on that family tree.