A collection of web pages under the same domain name on the World Wide Web is called a website. A website is hosted by one or more web servers and is accessed via the internet or in some cases a private LAN. Most of us access so many websites everyday but have no clue on actually starting a website. Web development and creation of a website is as much of a technical science as it is a skill and a creative art form. Designing a website that is appealing to the target audiences requires good web content, great design, good user interface and also a sound technical support.

There are certain tips that may help if one decides to create a website. Web presence is an important aspect of promoting ideas, opinions, information, products or services today. Most businesses have websites, but only the websites that are designed and developed well are popular. The following are some of the tips for creating a good website:

Tips for Creating a Website:

· To create a website, the website needs a domain name and also a host server. Try searching for domain names on domain name search websites to confirm the domain name that is selected does not already exists and then look at website hosting companies to select the best package deal for hosting the website.

· While developing a website it is very important to know the exact goals of the website. According to the established goals that are set, website content can be determined. Just adding content randomly without any structure and goal will confuse the target audiences. Also make the website content relevant with regular updates. Adding an easy feedback structure on the website will help communicate with the target audiences.

· While creating a website, access the skills at hand for creation of the website and web development.  If for example, a local business is putting up a website, it should assess whether it has employees to create the website and manage it. An ill-made website is worse than not having a website. If such skills are not available for creation & management of a website, outsource it to a web development company which will have expertise in the matter.

· User interface and navigation of the website pages is an important aspect of website creation. Confusing site navigation makes viewers give up on the website. Also layout, design, colors, aesthetic and look of the website is as important as its content.

· Do not over crowd the website pages or there will be chaos on the website. It has to be properly coded and maintained by a technical support team for the period of time that the website is online.

· Getting knowledge of website development, design tools and software and also the latest innovations and trends in the industry is a useful tip for creating a website.

There are millions of websites on the internet and websites can be created from different regions of the world. Making the website popular depends on its content, its technical support and also its look.