Bollywood has always ruled our hearts and minds as well. Though each week we relish the movies released at times the ending of these movies leaves us with a bad taste in the mouth. If you have also had this feeling a couple of times then you would agree that in these 10 movies the girl chose the wrong guy.

Happy New year– Ok so we understand that the girl loved the guy but in the whole movie, Charlie had probably called Mohini cheap at least a dozen times. Still, Farah Khan made her go with Charlie in the end. Mohini should have just slapped him after the competition ends and found someone who knew how to respect her.                                   

Shuddh Desi Romance– Talk about being majorly confused. The lead guy Sushant Singh first leaves Vani Kapoor at the Marriage altar only to end in a live in relationship with Parineeta Chopra. Later he leaves her only to go back to Vani Kapoor again.                        

Cocktail– Apparently the guy Gautam was actually in a relationship with Deepika Padukone or Veronica. However, when it came to marriage he selected Meera who was a god fearing woman and did not indulge in any wrong behaviour. Ideally, he should have been kicked by both the girls and left to sulk.                                                                                          

Dum Laga ke Haisha– He insulted her for her weight and did not even want to talk to her. Ethically Sandhya should have accepted the job offered in Meerut and left the joke of husband that Prem was behind.                                                                                       

Ye Jawani Hai Deewani– So what if Naina had fallen in love with Bunny the first time she met him it is not so tough to forget such people. To top it he went to America not to even return for his father’s funeral. Bunny was a selfish guy and a girl like Naina should have just ditched him and moved on.                                                                                       

Salam Namaste– The girl Preity Zinta gets pregnant and the Boy Saif Ali khan does not want to take up the responsibility. Despite staying in the same house he never bothers to help the poor girl out. At the end, he changes heart like other heroes and the heroine accepts him.                                                                                                                   

Tamasha– Ved seemed mentally unstable as a person. He leaves Tara crying at the restaurant all heartbroken. Suddenly he turns a new leaf and comes back to her in Tokyo.     

Love Aaj Kal– First, the couple decides to break up and find partners for themselves. Then when they meet again they enjoy their breakup. The girl gets married to Rahul Khanna only to leave him the next day. Saif Ali khan, on the other hand, needs some love lessons from Rishi Kapoor to come back to his Ex.                                                                         

Rehna Hai tere Dil mein– To be true the lead guy here was an imposter who only wanted to impress the girl. When the truth came out he went to the extent of threatening the other guy.                                                                                                                              

Badrinath Ki dulhania– Badri chases Vaidehi like hell and makes her fall in love with him. Though the girl falls for him she leaves him and he like a love sick puppy follows her to Singapore. In the end, as usual, things fall in place and Vaidehi marries Badri even though he is less qualified then her.