In modern times there are growing incidents of love ending in relationships. Most of the couples either end up breaking up or continue extending a loveless relationship. If you are also facing any such problems here are 10 problems why the same happened.

Love is a beautiful feeling but it is also the most misunderstood one. While most couples start a relationship with the sole thought of making it work often the love fizzles out leading to a painful breakup. Though difficult to decipher why that happened here we are telling you 10 reasons why your relationship has lost its shine.

  1. Unfulfilled expectations– Often we tend to keep such unrealistic expectations from our partners which in any case would be difficult to fulfill. The movie world is different from real life and anything showed there may not be something which your partner can execute. Give them the benefit of doubt in certain cases at least.
  2. Trust and belief– We tend to misunderstand attraction as love and decide it to pursue further. Such relationships which are not based on solid foundation of trust are bound to fail. Trust, respect, and honesty are must-haves to make it work.
  3. Betrayal– It is said if you have been cheated once by a person chances are the same will happen again. Never trust a person who has cheated on you as you might end up hurting yourself.
  4. Fear of losing– When we are afraid of losing our partners we tend to do crazy things to keep them back. That should not be as your partner is also a human and any kind of insecurity can only kill the love you share.
  5. Confusing with love– We tend to consider any infatuation as love and start pursuing a relationship basis that. Soon the honeymoon period ends and the couple gets bored of each other. Ideally, you should be sure of your feelings for that person and then only proceed further.
  6. Lack of Growth– Once you enter a relationship it is important that both the partners try their best to grow together and nurture it. However if one of the partners spends their time in making the other person adjust to their needs and nature then be sure that very soon the relationship would end.
  7. Old lies– Supposing one of the partners have told any lies in the past then they can be a source of trouble for you later. If you keep bringing up the same in your fights or conversations chances are that your relationship will never be able to stay up for long.
  8. Doubts– It is good that you want to know where and what your partner is doing when they are not with you. However, if you keep doubting and questioning them, again and again, they will not appreciate it. Your love will die a natural death even before you realize it.
  9. Incompatible– Just don’t start any relationship because you feel that you match well. It is quite possible that some of the basic traits of that person may not gel with your traits and then you might feel cheated.
  10. Ego– For any relationship to survive you have to make sure to keep your ego aside. Not every issue is a topic to fight upon. If you think that something can be excused then leave it and move on to make the relationship stronger.

Did you feel that any of your relationships died a slow death because of any of the above reasons? Let us know if you agree and take care of the same the next time you fall in love.