Sometimes, when a relationship becomes old and monotonous, the spark of new romance dwindles, our eyes start to stray, looking for that same rush and excitement, that same thrill that is now starting to fade. We start to think, is staying loyal with our partner really worth it?

The answer is Yes and here are a few reasons for that.

The thrill doesn’t last: The first reason is the most selfish reason. The thrill of an affair doesn’t last very long. You might enjoy it for a couple of months at most, it might even spice things up back home but soon enough, it’s going to be a burden you’ll be eager to shed. Soon, it’ll lead to all kinds of stress and worry and you’ll end up berating yourself for taking such a foolhardy step.

The truth will come out: If you stray, don’t fool yourself into thinking that you’ll be able to get away with it. Somehow, Somewhere and Sometime, there’s always a risk that she’ll find out and when she does, your relationship with her would never be the same. She might leave or she might stay but she’ll never forget.

Her trust is valuable: They say trust is like a mirror, once broken, you can glue the pieces back together but the cracks will still be visible. When she trusts you, almost every problem in a relationship can be surpassed. Trust is just as vital as love in a relationship. By straying, you harm her trust in you to the deepest extent and things will never be the same. Put yourself in her shoes for a moment and try to imagine how you’d feel if she strayed. If the mere notion makes you cringe, wonder how she’ll feel when she finds out.

Betrayal can shatter a person: Pause and think for a moment on how your disloyalty will affect her. Yes, she’ll be angry with you, she might even leave you but more than that, it’ll devastate her. It’ll make her doubt herself, it’ll make her question her worth and while your buddies may smirk and pat you on your back, your partner in life will face pitying glances and gossip from her friends. Do you really want to put her through that?

Is it really worth it?: Ask yourself, is straying really worth it? It takes months, even years to build a good, solid relationship and there’s enough effort going into it under normal circumstances, do you really want to complicate things even more? Take a deep, honest look at yourself and ask, are you ready to risk what you have for momentary distractions? If you are, then ask yourself this: are you really ready for a proper, long-term relationship?

If you’re in a relationship for the long-haul, be ready to commit fully and honestly. Temptation is humanity’s vice and restraint is our greatest strength. With patience, loyalty and trust, you and your girl can build something truly life-changing and admirable. And that, I think, is worth more than anything in this world.