So, Valentine’s Day is already near and Valentine week has started just today. Happy Rose Day to all the couples out there and to singles who are going to get their loved ones this valentine’s day! Feb 7 is celebrated as Rose Day all around the world and it marks the beginning of the Valentine Week. Boys and men give roses to their valentine and celebrate it. Boys who are looking to go out for their love, today is the exact moment you need. Get one of these 5 roses and propose to your valentine! We are sure you will get what you always wanted and celebrate a happy week!

If you are clueless about which rose to give, here is a list of top 5 roses you should give to your valentine on Rose Day

  1. RED ROSE: Red roses stand for expression for love. They convey desire and longing. So if you have a Valentine or if you love someone, these roses are perfect for you as they will express your liking. Give these roses with finger crossed hoping that they understand what you actually meant.
  1. WHITE ROSE:  While rose symbolizes purity, innocence and chastity. These roses are used generally during two occasions – wedding and the funeral. As beautiful as they seem to be, you must be giving these only if both are ready for the marriage or the talks about marriage is going on.
  1. YELLOW ROSE: Yellow represents the expression of friendship and exuberance. Gift these roses to your friend to brighten up her day but also be careful as these roses are also known for infidelity.
  1. PINK ROSE: Pink colour stands for admiration, gratitude and joy. You can gift these roses to anyone, not just your valentine. If you are looking forward to celebrating Valentine Week in an unconventional way, these roses are apt as it symbolizes that you look upon them in your life.
  1. ORANGE ROSE: You might not have been familiar with Orange rose, but yes they exist! They represent fierce emotion. These orange-coloured blooms signify energy and passion. If you have an intense desire for someone, go for these roses with a mix of red roses and express your emotion for them.

So, these are the roses and their meanings. We hope you have a good time with your Valentine or someone whom you are thinking to celebrate the Week of love by starting it by giving the rose of your choice! J.