Hair loss is one common problem that is daunting almost all of us; this is one problem which makes us feel insecure and embarrassed. Getting bald is the worst nightmare which none of us want to see, but with regular hair fall, most of us feel the nightmare turn into reality. The main culprits for hair loss are mineral deficiency, unbalanced diet, stress, genetics, pollution, etc. While losing a few follicles is ok, however, if the hair-loss is more you should definitely do something about it.

Thankfully, today, men are quite conscious and worried about keeping their hair healthy and silky. They use the best products and meet the best stylist in the town. However, there are a few common mistakes that cause incredible damage to the hair. Here are five most effective tips to maintain the shine and luster.

Use the towel wisely and throw away the hair-dryer

If you have been using a towel to dry the hair after a great bath, you are among the majority of them who cause a great damage to the hair by this unscientific act. Towel drying is one of the blunders that cause immense damage to men’s hair. Remember, wet hair is highly susceptible to damage. When you fiercely rub them, they get tangled in the threads. Some of them get stretched to the breaking point and cause a severe damage to the outer layer. You will end up having frizzy hair with split ends.

What is the right method of towel drying? It is quite simple. Firstly, remove excess water by shaking your head. Gently stroke them with the towel in the direction they grow naturally. Certainly it takes more time than rubbing, but the improvement is noticeable after some time.

Keep trimming

Trim the hair regularly so that you don’t have split hair and damaged hair. It is the best way of keeping them healthy. If at all you want to grow them, then visit the hair salon every month and tell the stylist to remove damaged and split hair only.

Say ‘No’ to chemicals

Are you among those who don’t go to a stylist and perform in-house coloring using over-the-counter products? If yes, then stop it immediately. Remember, using too much chemicals is extremely bad for your hair. Go to a trained professional stylist instead. There are various natural products available which are harmless and effective. More importantly, they are picked-up based on the type and tone of your hair.

Beware while you are in the pool

Swimming is certainly quite refreshing and recharging, but not for your hair always! Regular swimmers know what damage Chlorinated water causes. You must have felt the dryness and change of texture after a great time in the pool. It happens because Chlorine affects the protective layer of the hair by making chemical bonds with the protein. Put a little bit conditioner before you take a splash.  Alternatively, make the hair wet with fresh water before taking a dip. Pool water causes less damage to wet hair.

Gels don’t gel with good hair

The advertisements of gels and other styling solutions are attractive and fascinating, but they cause long-term harm to the hair. Composition wise gels are nothing but polymers and alcohol. Now you can imagine the harm they can cause to the outer surface of your hair. If you are fond of using pomades or wax, then it is further harmful. They are stickier and greasier than gels. Hence, you need strong shampoo to wipe out the stuff. Use them once sparingly, not frequently.