You got up late and missed the bus and had an incredibly bad day in the office. To make it worse, you lost the hand wrestling match in the evening against a weak player.  What a terrible day, isn’t it? Undoubtedly, it leaves you in a devastating mood which drains energy and enthusiasm.

Do you know why did it happen? It happened because you were upset for missing the bus in the morning. Experts say that bad mood in the morning has a cascading effect and the entire day gets spoiled.  Hence, it is important that you sense the bad mood and nip it in the bud at the earliest. Sounds tough? Not really!


Here are five simple steps to elevate your mood:

• Avoid low light: It may sound strange and bizarre, but there is a correlation between a terrible mood and dim light. However, experts say that low and dim lights might be perfectly ok for a romantic evening; it causes havoc when you are in bad nerves. Try to come in bright sunlight if it is a daytime. Switch on all lights and make the room fully illuminated. Open the windows, if possible. You will feel the change in the mindset. An open and bright place makes a positive effect and reduces anxiety, depression, and stress.

• Get a great massage: When you are drained fully, there is nothing more effective than a massage. A good massage expert knows how to elevate your mood by picking up the most elevating essential oil? Get drenched in the ocean of pleasure by relaxing the mind and body after a phenomenal massage. Sandalwood oil, Lavender oil, and Geranium oils are the best remedy for a bad mood. Calm and relaxing fragrance isanti-depressant and enticing. Lavender releases the stress and Geranium reduces the nervousness. Sandalwood is the natural tranquilizer that soothes the nerves.


• Phone a friend: Well, it isn’t a lifeline in the popular quiz program only but it is effective in the real life as well. When you are in a terribly bad mood, call a friend or relative you trust the most. If it a Sunday, then meet in the busiest and buzzing restaurant for a fantastic lunch. If both of you are seasoned boozers, then book a table in the most electrifying bar in the town.  Talk a lot, drink a lot and just get out of a bad mood. Simple, isn’t it?


• Be positive, think positive: When you are in a bad mood, avoid everything that is negative and downbeat. Think about the bright side of the life and remember the most pleasuring moments. Positive thinking is a powerful and effective method acclaimed by researchers and experts worldwide.


• A cup of coffee: We all know that coffee is a great mood elevator. Caffeine tickles and stimulates the nerves making us refreshed and strong.  A cup of steaming hot coffee is an incredible stress-buster. If hot coffee causes acidity and heartburn, then creamy cold coffee is not a bad option either.