What’s in the Men’s MARATHON START-UP KIT?

Running a marathon is not only about the shoes you run in! Nope it isn’t just about your fitness either. Guys World did some running around with professional runners to find out what is it that every Marathoner should have in his Marathon Start-up kit. We will stop here for a second with a word of caution. If you do not have sufficient practice before running the Marathon, STOP! For the rest who began their prep months before the actual date, you need to stock up boys!


  • The shoes                                                                                                                    

If you don’t want blisters, shin splints, aching knees or other running related injuries, then getting the right pair of running shoes is the first task! The right pair of shoes makes running as natural as breathing and helps you deliver a controlled, power-packed performance. You can invest in a good light-weight and cushioned sole product from Adidas, Nike or Reebok or try other brands such as Puma, New Balance. But ensure you train in these shoes before you actually run the Marathon.


  • The socks                                                                                                                    

You could have the right pair of shoes and yet face all these troubles if you don’t couple it with the right pair of socks. Regular cotton or sports socks will absorb sweat and actually contribute to blisters in your feet. What you need is a fitted running specific pair of socks made out of breathable fabric which will aid your pursuit. You can find running socks from Kalenji, Adidas, Nike, Puma or Decathlon online. Go ahead invest!


  • The cap, shorts, and t-shirts                                                                                      

Wearing garments which tend to stay wet and hang heavy is only going to act as impediments while you chase the record. Choose your running gear very carefully and wisely. You need something which will provide adequate ventilation at all the important zones in your body. You can even wear short Lycra content tights which will prevent chaffing while running. Ensure you have worn the clothes before and that your body has acclimatized to them before the actual marathon. Wear a cap to minimize sun burn.

  • Belt pouch                                                                                                                                                                     

It is better to invest in a good quality belt pouch to carry your keys, phones, and cash and maybe even your glares so that you are not bogged down by the weight in your pockets. The one that you choose needs to be quite handy and needs to stick closer to your waist, it needs to have a secure fit and lesser the bounce it has the better it is. Keep emergency contact details inside the pouch for people to access in case of any emergency.


  • Water Sippers                                                                                                             

Keeping yourself hydrated with water and any oral rehydration fluid is the most important thing to do even as you are running the marathon. Carry a diluted electrolyte mix with you in a handy water bottle or sipper (ideal for runners) which you can hold while you run. Taking small sips as you cover the specific distance will go a long way in sustaining your stamina.