Tired of drinking the same old Pepsi, Coke & Thumbs up? Every wondered of the different kind of flavors available internationally? Ever wondered how your favorite burger or pizza would taste as soft drinks? Beyond all the obvious mango, strawberry, raspberry, cranberry, blueberry, orange, pineapple, Orange, kokum kind of juices & soft drinks available in the market, there is an entire market of peculiar soft drinks in the market internationally.

Internationally there are Soda companies that have taken suggestions from customers and created entire new line of distinctively different soft drinks that people would either love or be entire disgusted with. One such soda company is Jones Soda Co. that specializes in the weirdest of weirdest flavors that you would love to hate. The flavors are likable to a few, scandalous to some while intriguing to many and downright unappetizing and disgusting to others.

Which of these flavors would you like to try? Do keep in mind that what you like may be disliked by others and vice a versa.  At the end of the day it is your personal preference after all.

Turkey & Gravy Soda by Jones Soda:

This is a Thanksgiving soda that does smell & taste a bit like Turkey and Gravy (A traditional Thanksgiving Dish) though not the real deal. It has a herbal tangy taste to it and you can taste the curry in it. Now why would you drink this when you can eat the real thing?

Yogurt Pepsi:


Yes you read this right. This Pepsi has yogurt as its ingredient and the soda is white in color. Pepsi white as it is called was created in Japan as part of Pepsi’s winter product line of 2008. Has anyone had this drink yet? Do let us know how it tastes.

Garlic Soda:


Wonder if we can dip bread in the soda and eat it? Would it be Garlic bread except soggy? It’s a combination of ground garlic and cola which will leave you with garlic breath. Have a mint we say. Anyways this drink comes from Japan where it has Garlic Ice cream and garlic beer for company.

Eel Soda:


The Eel Soda also known as Unagi Nobori is a carbonated yellow drink that contains the extracts of eel head and bones. It is produced by Japanese Company that tags the drink as ‘Mainly for men who are exhausted by the Summer Heat’. Don’t ask why. Even we have no answer for that. So from eating eels, Japanese have gone to drinking eel.

Placenta Soda:


Now who on earth would ever get such a whacked up idea to make a placenta drink? As you all know, Placenta is the organ that joins the mother to the fetus. Someone did look at some left over placenta and go, “Hmm… That looks delicious. Wonder what would it taste as a drink? Let’s blend it in a blender and drink and find out”. The Inventor of this peach flavored placenta drink is a Japanese who claims the ingredient to be naturally tasting Placenta extract of Pigs that has magical powers and huge beauty benefits. Bollywood, are you listening?

Perspiration Soda:


Really? Why? Perspiration Soda is kind of salty soft drink with slightly higher sodium content than the average soda, with a smooth, “stinky football sock” finish. Smells of sweat and tastes a bit like sweat. If you wanted sweat then why not lick your armpits. Wait; don’t think we can actually do that anyways. The perspiration soda was inspired by the Seattle Seahawks NFL team and reflects the hard work and tons of sweat of professional football players. And here we have been sweating it out while the enterprising ones made money out of sweat.

Beer & Milk Soda (BILK):


Another Soda from Japan that contains one third cow’s milk as its ingredient. So the story goes such that there was once a Liquor shop owner in Japan whose son owned a dairy farm unit. Once while having problem with discarding excess milk he got an Idea for Milk Beer and approached a local brewery to produce this drink. The beer is a bit fruity in taste and is popular with the women in that region. Well, we all started with milk and then graduated to beer so Bilk doesn’t seem that bad an idea after all does it?

Dirt Soda:


This was probably thought of by someone who ate dirt and grass as a kid. You heard it right, dirt soda is dirt & grass flavored soda that was inspired by the Seattle Seahawks Football team. The thought behind the drink was that throughout their career, the average NFL player spends two years of their life in the gym; eat three pounds of dirt & grass. While playing tackle football, you get tackled really hard, you’re down on the ground and you get a little bit of the grass in your teeth hence the need for Dirt Soda. Makes sense now I guess.

Gau Jal:


From the stables of India comes the Cow jal or ‘Cow Water’ as it is called. It is made from the urine of Indian cows. The idea of drinking the urine of animals may not appeal to a lot of people but the scientists behind this drink confirm that it will neither smell or taste like Cow urine but will be healthy and devoid of toxins and has the potential to cure many diseases like diabetes and cancer. The drink is said to have a high therapeutic index and safe for chronic use. We believe that a small bunch of hardliners may take exception to this drink being on this list but we wish to tell them that they may like this drink but there will be others who may get turned off at the idea and prefer to stick to plain water instead.  Cheers to good health.

White fungus Bird’s Nest Soft Drink:


This is a Vietnamese soda made from the white fungus found in the nests of certain cave dwelling birds. Its texture is that of a pulpy orange juice. That is all we know about this drink. But as far as we can figure, don’t mushrooms too belong to the fungi family? Does this knowledge make this drink seem any less revolting? Do let us know.

Kumis (Horse Milk Soda):


This is a drink found in parts of central Asia and is Fermented Horse Milk. The alcohol percentage is about 7-8% in this drink and is very popular in countries like Mongolia, Krygzstan, Kazakhstan etc. It is said that Gengis Khan & Attila the Hun drank this stuff during their conquering days.