A Cemetery in North Manila, Philippines is home to more than 6000 people who are just too poor to afford any place to stay in this densely populated area of Manila.

The Graveyard is one of the largest and oldest in Philippines and spread over 50 acres of prime city land. Many of the residents of this Graveyard have been living among the dead for over 75 years. Children play games among the tombstones while their grandparents sit around smoking or playing cards.

Many of those born in the Graveyard live their entire life here and after dying get buried here itself. Born in the Grave, Live in the Grave & Die in the Grave. As generations were hit by poverty, they moved into their family crypts (Tomb) sleeping with their dead & buried parents & grandparents. Slowly their family grew and they called this Graveyard their home.

It is very common to see the residents sitting on the tomb playing cards or drying their clothes on the tombs. Residents sleep on the gravestones as that is the only thing they have for beds.

But the residents of this graveyard do take good care of the Tombs themselves. Children carry coffins for a small fee and collect scrap metal & plastics left behind be people and keep the place clean. The parents & grandparents clean the wealthy tombs, dig graves and protect the tombs from robbers.

Although the residents do their bit to keep the graveyard clean, still the area is not livable and unclean, without water connection or electricity. They do live a miserable life but that is all that they have to call as home.

They face eviction threats, harassment from local gangs, threats of floods & sickness but they still brave it out. This place has been home to them from the time they were born and probably till the time they die.

Now this 50 acre Graveyard is a bustling city by itself with fast food stalls, markets, karaoke parlors, restaurants, basketball hoops and even internet cafes.