The world is weird and there are weirder incidents that occur all the time around us. Some create a big mark in the pages of internet history and continue to horrify us even with every repeated read. Keeping the same trend a trend, a true-life incident of the year 2013 is penned down by us. Keep the bible besides you by the night as this creepy event will give you all the chills and make you pray again. We have said our prayers before writing this.

Elisa Lam was found in dead in a water tank of Hotel Cecil of LA in the year 2013.

Elisa Lam was a 21 year old Canadian tourist who checked into hotel Cecil in Los Angeles on Jan. 26, 2013. She came to LA to have some fun and take a break from her monotonous life which is when this unfortunate incident happened in an unexplainable circumstance with a creepy & horrifying theory behind it.

The Horrifying Incident: In a video that went viral, it can be seen that Elisa Lam enters the elevator of the hotel she was staying in and appeared to be hiding from someone who is not visible to the security camera.

She tries to push the buttons of the elevator which surprisingly for no reason are not working. Adding more to the horror, the lift doors were open for an abnormally longer time and Elisa continues to hide, step out of the lift, then step back again, and trying to talk to someone who is not there (the main conjuring), makes weird actions and hand movements. Her hand movements and too & fro rocking and bending seemed very strange when seen in the video. It was like she was trying to hide from some invisible unexplainable dark force. The whole event continues for more than 4 minutes and then all of a sudden the lift works as she steps out of the elevator.

Elisa disappears after the incident and after 18 days of her gone missing, i.e. on February 19, 2013, the hotel guests starts to complain about fowl smell and bad taste of the hotel water. The hotel staff was forced to look into the matter and went up the hotel terrace to check the water tank. They opened the heavy tank lids and found  the naked decomposed body of Elisa Lam with her clothes floating by the side.

Possible Theory: There are no hard evidence as to what happened to Elisa Lam but many theorists believe that she had a bipolar disorder and was going through depression as well which makes her susceptible to odd behavior. But this does not explain how she got into the water tank as the way to the water tank was blocked and the tank lids were very heavy to be lifted by Elisa Lam. Also, she would have been spotted by the staff & guests if she was to try climb to the top of the water tank. In short, it was just next to impossible for her to be in that water tank, dead or alive.

While one of the other theories believe that she was possessed or some dark entity was assumed to be following her from which she was hiding and arguing. Other believe that it was a spirit that forced her to commit suicide or also a consequence of her being spiked by a drug known as hallucinogen.

But Was Elisa Lam playing the ‘Dangerous Paranormal Elevator Game’?

The Elevator game is a game that is played with an intention to step into a different dark underground world entirely different from this world. Would it be possible that Elisa was trying to play this game? This is like a ‘hide and seek’ game you play by yourself in an empty Elevator but has a paranormal twist to it. From her movements in the lift, it is a strong possibility, but could it be?

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Either ways, the only last recorded moments of Elisa Lam were caught on the Elevator Cameras. There are no official explanation or Police closure report on this strange case. The case still remains open with no resolution in sight.

Well, there are numerous theories and plenty of assumptions but what actually happened to her no one really knows which is the most scary part. The video of Elisa Lam is viral on internet with around 4 million views and people still continue to assume the cause of her death. The only thing that remains constant in this incident is mystery.